Spring 2012 Single in Stilettos Recap: Knowing Your Digital Self & Marketing Proudly

Being Fearless & Fierce Online

By: Samantha Eng, Copy Cutie

Whether a wet-footed newbie or a seasoned pro, it’s easy to get the online dating blues when you’re not receiving the responses, winks, or nudges you want. 

But there’s a way to combat these feelings. This past Saturday, eFlirt Expert Founder & CEO Laurie Davis spoke about the fundamental elements to empowering your digital dating life at Single in Stilettos, an innovative networking event in New York City where smart, beautiful women came together to celebrate their full potential and inner sexiness. 

To put it simply, projection + approach = a pathway to finding long-term happiness through online dating.

“There’s no longer a stigma about it, which means it’s no longer a place for you to go when you feel desperate or lonely,” said Laurie. “It’s a place for you to go to empower your dating life and to find the right person.”

Outfitted with this positive perception, Laurie encouraged online daters to join two dating sites — one that’s mainstream and one niche site — to fully open the door to possibilities.

Now that your inward perception of dating digitally is modified, the next step is to market yourself!

“The most important thing is to search. Do your own searches. Don’t just wait for those guys to come to your inbox,” Laurie said. “Part of it is you want to project and attract the right person. Sometimes you need to go get them. Sometimes you might show up on page 10 of someone’s search results … and they may never get there.” 

According to Laurie, the passive approach to online dating is half of the reason why online daters don’t receive communications from people they would be interested in. How are the ones we want supposed to know we want them if we’re not reaching out? 

So — what should you do now that we’ve identified the necessary steps to be fearless and fierce online?

1. Be a strategic dater. Use filter strategies and choose dating sites that appeal to you.

2. Put a little love into the communication. Love takes time and so should your emails!

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What did you think of Single in Stilettos? If you were at the event we’d love to know what you thought in a comment below!