Top 5: Misconceptions of Online Dating

By Paola Hernandez, Copy Cutie

“There’s no more stigma in online dating anymore.” Ted Mosby, How I Met Your Mother.

In an age where we socialize digitally just as much as we do personally, it makes sense that our romantic lives have turned cyber. With social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter making it easier to keep in contact with old and new friends, online dating services exist to create new connections with people that you might not meet elsewhere.

But online dating is often misjudged by many, as users have screamed their horror stories on the hilltops to anyone who will listen. And just like that childhood game Telephone, one story can go from being told playfully to a group of friends to becoming a testament of how online dating is supposedly terrifying — all the time. In reality, it’s not that scary — we promise! Below are five misconceptions people have made about the digital world of dating.

1. Norman Bates is Your Next Date.  If they’re using an online dating service, maybe they’re crazy. OK, there might be some crazies out there but rest assure, not everyone’s a psycho. The best way to make sure you’re in good hands is to meet in a public place, like a bar or a restaurant. If your date wants you to drive down a one-way road, hightail it out of there!

2. Booty Calls.  Often times, it’s assumed that people create accounts for an easy access to a database of potential booty calls. Don’t let one bad apple ruin the bunch. Sure, there will be users looking to contact you just to get it in, but don’t ignore all your messages — your soul mate’s might be mixed in with that bunch.

3. Desperately Seeking Susan.  People who date online are sometimes viewed as lonely losers. In reality, it’s the flipside. Online dating services like OkCupid and eHarmony are just another weapon is someone’s dating arsenal, giving them that many more opportunities to meet someone.

4. Highway to the Danger Zone. Online dating is often seen as being extremely dangerous, when honestly, it can be the exact opposite. When meeting someone online, you can do some investigation work by getting to know that person through their profile and via messages, as opposed to going to the bar and meeting someone that night — leaving you with nothing tangible besides their name.

5. Liar Liar, Pants On Fire.  Digital dating profiles have been associated with an obnoxious amount of lying. While this might be true, just take a second and reflect on your own past dates. After all, you might have fibbed to impress someone just to get him or her to like you. Make sure you read someone’s profile thoroughly and read between the lines.

Sure, you might think online dating is scary, but so is real life dating. Dating, whether it’s in person or digitally, is all about taking that risk. Now go get’em!

What’s made you skeptical about online dating in the past? Let us know in a comment below!