Top 5 Ways to Use Siri for Your Dating Life

By Jessica Hartman, Certified eFlirter

Everyone’s seen the many Apple commercials showing how iPhone’s Siri can help you with your daily life, with the latest one featuring Zooey Deschanel of ‘New Girl’ fame. But Siri isn’t only just good for work. Use this handy tech tool to stay on top of your dating life, too, and let Siri take the reins when you need a helping hand while finding love. After all — she’s in charge of your iCal!

1. Scheduling last-minute reservations.  Did life get in the way, making you lose track of time? Don't fret — Siri can help you make a last-minute dinner reservation for that special evening without your date even realizing you planned it on the fly.

2. Sending a hands-free, "I'm going to be late" text while driving.  Texting while driving is a major no-no, but so is not giving your date notice that you're going to be late. All you have to do is say the word and your dating life — and your physical one — will be safe and sound.

3. Reminding you before date night.  Hectic schedules might make you forget special plans. Right after you’ve set a date with someone, make sure to tell Siri to remind you about it the night before. Now you’ll always be date-ready, even if you’re meeting your guy or gal straight from work!

4. Getting directions if you get lost.  Any city can be confusing if you're going to a new hot spot for the first time, even if you know the streets like the back of your hand. If you find yourself questioning your surroundings, it's much better to have Siri lead you back on track than to wander around and get lost.

5. Making it "Facebook official."  Everyone knows that you're not really in a relationship until it's posted on Facebook. Now, as soon as you have that happy conversation, let Siri tell the world about your newfound love!

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