Get Your Flirt on This Memorial Day Weekend

By Paola Hernandez, Copy Cutie

“Summer lovin,’ had me a blast.

Memorial Day is the unofficial start to the summer season, yielding promises of frozen drinks, longer days and summer flings. Having the best time during MDW will set the tone for the next three months. Take full advantage of the three- (or if you’re lucky, four-) day weekend that awaits. Have a blast and follow some of the tips below!

Cocktails, Al Fresco.  Warm weather means that patio seating at restaurants and beer gardens are sure to get packed. The benefit of a beer garden is the ability to converse with other people in a larger, outdoor setting, making it easy to chat up that cutie at the table next to you. If you’re spending time with your honey, an evening breeze can set a romantic mood and bring you closer to warm each other up.

It’s A Shore Thing.  Want to get away from the bright lights of the city for the weekend? Make your trip memorable. If you live by the coast or have a nearby lake to visit, head to the water! Beach communities often have tiki bars or other lively restaurants on the boardwalk, which are great places to meet new people and to get your flirt on.

Fleet Week.  If you’re in NYC and see that the city streets are engulfed by service men and women donning Navy, Marine and Coast Guard uniforms, it means Fleet Week has arrived. Enjoy a night out in Times Square where you can enjoy drinks and go dancing with the people that fight for our country. Strike up some interesting conversations and have fun — they deserve to have a good time. They’re only in town for five days, so take a shot or two and enjoy the night.

Dress to Impress.  Finally, you can pull out your summer wardrobe out of the closet. Bright colors like coral, orange and neon are the hues of choice during those hot summer nights. Guys, you finally have permission to unbutton the top few buttons of your shirt. Keep your outfit light and fun since you’ll be mingling with others in the same good mood you are. If your clothes are flirty and fun, it’ll hopefully transfer to your demeanor, bettering your chances of meeting someone.

Just Wing It.  Want to head to a lounge or a bar but are done with solo nights out? Bring your wingman/woman with you! Having that support system by your side will give you that extra boost of confidence. If you’re a fail at meeting someone on your own, you have your awesome partner in crime to talk you up to that hottie at the bar.

Make your Memorial Day weekend memorable by having a good time. This is a precursor to three months of pure bliss. Live it up!

How are you spicing up your holiday weekend? Let us know in a comment below!