Top 5 Conversations To Avoid in the Car

By Paola Hernandez, Copy Cutie

The temperature is on the rise and it’s the perfect excuse for a weekend getaway. Planning a fun trip to a nearby state park or a mini-vacation to the closest beach town is an ideal way to spend quality time with your significant other. But after you’ve made sure all the itinerary details are perfect, there’s one more thing that can either make or break your trip.

The inevitable long car ride.

With others wanting to leave the workweek behind them, too, you might hit traffic along the way depending on when you leave. And if the music becomes annoying, old-fashioned conversation will be the best way to pass time while you and your boo wait for the roads to clear. But the last thing anyone wants on a long car ride is an argument or an awkward silence. To keep the peace, here are five conversations you should avoid:

1. Yo Mamma.  Family can be a sensitive subject to talk about, especially if it’s about mamadukes. In an ideal world, you’d get along with your significant other’s mother. But if there isn’t a nice thing to be said about your strained relationship with your honey’s mommy, just avoid the topic. Remember — at the end of the day, it’s their mother you’re talking about, not yours.

2. Case of the Ex.  Regardless of whether your relationship is still in the honeymoon period or not, bringing up the ex is a huge no-no. The last thing the person you’re seeing needs to be reminded of is their previous relationship. Focus on how happy you guys are together now. Keep the conversation fun and in the present.

3. Stuck on Repeat.  Day in and day out, you complain about your boss and how they breathe down your neck. Don’t let your boss — or any other gripe — be the third wheel on your excursion. The only time you should have your boss on your mind is from Monday to Friday between 9 and 5.

4. Gross Habits.  Biting your fingernails or picking your teeth are unrefined practices, but what’s nastier is talking about it in a confined space. People can be stuck in their old ways and will be defensive when you mention how much it bothers you. There’s a time and place for this argument, but not right now.

5. WTF?!  If you’ve only been dating for a short period of time, you’re still learning about each other. Leave out some of your stranger desires, like your mild obsession with recreating murder scenes seen in your favorite horror flick. The last thing you want is your date to turn the car around so he or she can go home.

What conversation topics do you avoid like the plague? Let us know in a comment below!