How To Make Sure Your Bad Day Doesn’t Equal a Bad Date

By Paola Hernandez, Copy Cutie

Let’s face it — everyone has bad days and they can be hard to avoid. Just because you’re having a repeat argument with a friend or your boss said a snarky remark about your work doesn’t mean you should let this blip rain on your parade, especially if you have a date. Meeting up with someone, especially if it’s for the first time, can be unnerving as it is! Don’t give yourself any more stress by dwelling on something that happened earlier in the day. Need a solution to bring your day from below the grid to an all-time high so you’re ready for your night out? Below are three Debbie Downer scenarios and ways to turn your frown upside down.

Momma Doesn’t Know Best.  Your mom always has your best interests at heart but might not know how to express it to you in the greatest way. If you feel your mother is a nuisance and is badgering you throughout the day via texts, remember that she does it because she cares. Simply tell her you’ll speak to her later or tomorrow. If she’s the overwhelming type, refrain from telling her about your date until after it’s already happened. The last thing you need is to play 20 questions with her while you’re getting ready.

Best Friends Forever?  There might be times when your BFF gets upset if you plan a date with someone because they want to spend time with you. Balancing time between your bestie and your romantic life can be difficult. Reassure your main pal that things won’t change. No one likes friction in their friendship, which can eventually cause problems with the person you’re seeing. Hit up your partner in crime with plans that are exclusively for the two of you. By creating your own dates you’ll ease friction in your relationship and will allow you both some breathing room.

Horrible Bosses.  Its 4:57 p.m. on Friday afternoon and you’re about to power down your computer when your “favorite” manager comes along, asking if you can finish up some more reports before leaving for the weekend. Like a scene right out of Office Space, you mutter obscene words of dislike under your breath. Don’t let this cruel punishment of staying in the office later ruin whatever you have planned with your boo. The last thing you want is to bring your anger with you to your date and vent throughout the night. Take a few minutes before heading out from the proverbial salt mines to watch some of your favorite YouTube clips, read snarky Gawker posts, or look at cute animal pictures on BuzzFeed. By dedicating a few moments of your time to cheer yourself up, you’ll help set a fun tone for your evening.

There are tons of different ways you can handle the stressful situations that can make a night out go from good to terrible before it even starts. Find a way to alleviate your frustrations — even if it’s punching your pillow before heading out the door.

How do you say sayonara to a bad day? Share your bad day solutions in a comment below!