Searching Online: Defining ‘A Few Extra Pounds’

By: Samantha Eng, Copy Cutie

Online dating has dramatically evolved, from casual chat room meetings where a simple “A/S/L?” accomplished the basics to detailed profiles, in-depth surveys and sections dedicated to preferences helping us narrow down the vast world of online dating. But to keep it simple, we’re bringing you a three-part series that will help you understand the search, your preferences and what they mean to you and to who you’re looking for.

In a recent article, The New York Times said that 81 percent of people misrepresent their height, weight, or age in their online dating profiles. While height and age can sometimes be a flexible number, online dating websites have eliminated the scale and categorized body types into fun, completely self-interpreted search terms — insert sarcasm font here. Check our list of terms by definition and by interpretation … and feel free to disagree, agree, or prove us wrong. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder! 


Definition: (a women’s figure) Shapely and voluptuous.

Interpretation: Curvaceous is a long-standing body type perception that’s often misconstrued. To be honest, the best historical female curve can easily be identified as Marilyn Monroe. Her figure had the ideal bust-waist-hip (BWH) ratio, creating the perfect hourglass figure, a true definition of ‘curvy.' 

A study from North Carolina State University revealed that of 6,000 women, only 8 percent had hourglass figures like Ms. Monroe, Sophia Loren and Venus de Milo. This means they have the coveted 0.7 waist-hip ratios, identified as the sexiest ratio to men in various cultures.

In recent years, the curvaceous standards have softened, creating a sense of caution around the click-thru. Be careful when choosing ‘curvy’ if you’re one of the 92 percent who are not.


Definition: A slang term without a literal by-the-books definition, “jacked” most likely came from “a device used to raise or lift heavy objects, i.e. a jack.”

Interpretation: Jacked usually takes a male connotation for men with highly developed muscles from lifting heavy weights.

Like curvy, jacked has taken some heat over the past years due to multiple seasons of the Jersey Shore. Now categorized with the word meathead and/or juicehead, jacked is an amplified version of muscularity.

Before choosing, beware that you might be a fist-pump click away from Gorilla status.

Used Up.

Definition: Worn out; depleted; exhausted.

Interpretation: OkCupid shows their sense of humor with the “used up” option, letting online daters select this option an opportunity to get a giggle or raised eyebrow. When accompanied with a jaw-dropping default, this body type might be a good icebreaker or a way to showcase a great sense of humor.

However, the sexual underlying context of “used up” cannot easily be refuted in pictures, and choosing such could bring about a missed connection.

We want to know: Are you curvy, jacked, or used up … or all three simultaneously? Tell us about it below!