Top 5 Weird Wedding Proposals

By Paola Hernandez, Copy Cutie

It’s mid-June and wedding season is in full swing! While the big day is important, let’s not forget about what brought the couple to their wedding — the proposal. When expressing your love for someone, the room for creativity is endless, whether the big ask is classic and romantic or memorable and unique. But if you thought proposing to the love of your life was a one-of-a-kind gesture, just take a look at these five stories. They just might make yours look boring.

1. Gotta Catch ‘Em All!  The age group that will most likely get married in the next two years probably grew up watching the cartoon Pokémon. According to Geekologie, one couple took the art of choosing their Pokémon character to new extremes and placed their rings inside the poké ball. If you and your beau are into this Japanese show about fighting monsters, this idea might be up your alley

2. Finding Your Way To Happiness.  Google software engineer Ari Gilder used his tech expertise to woo his boo. Using Google Maps, he created a romantic scavenger hunt of New York City that included locations with significance to the couple. His girlfriend Faigy ended up on Roosevelt Island after her six-stop journey and found Ari waiting for her. What a way to utilize your vocational skills!

3. Lights, Camera, Action!  Tons of people have proposed to their significant other via scoreboards and other signage while at a sports game, but there’s something to be said about going a step further. reported that Rand attempted to raise money so he could air his proposal commercial to girlfriend Geraldine during the Super Bowl. After falling short of the $2.5 million needed to air the clip, he decided to get the spot to air during her favorite show, Veronica Mars. The remaining money raised was donated to the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. It was the gift that kept on giving!

4. Our Love Is Priceless …  Unless you’re getting a Groupon deal! Greg Hill proposed to Dana, his girlfriend of four-and-a-half years, using the discount site Groupon and created “a deal” as his proposal. Of course, the deal was nontransferable, with the condition being that the spouse (him) wouldn’t always look like a 20-year-old. Dana bought the deal for $1, discounted at $999,998! 

5. Floating in Love Towards Cloud Nine.  Those in love feel like they’re on cloud nine. But for Graciela Asturias, her proposal included a (metaphorically speaking) trip to the moon and back. Alexander Loucopoulos took the love of his life on a specially-designed Boeing 727 that allowed passengers to experience zero gravity for four to five minute intervals. While Asturias and Loucopoulos were floating midair, Loucopoulos took advantage of this special experience and proposed — but obviously without bending down on one knee.

Do you have a unique proposal story? Share with us in a comment below!