5 Fashion Tips For a Guy’s Summer Date Ensemble

By: Samantha Eng, Copy Cutie & Guest Blogger James Spina

If the Milan, Paris and New York trends did nothing to warm up your wardrobe, perhaps it’s because they didn’t make much sense. A multitude of colors, cuts and textures graced the spring and summer runways around the world, and the visual stimulation of hues were overwhelming.

But let’s update the summer staple of khaki shorts and white t-shirts to date-worthy status. While you should of course keep your inner style, why not take a few tips from us (who both work in fashion) by incorporating these five fashion fixes. They’ll guarantee you a step closer to summer fling finery!

1. Casual Shoes.  Put your best foot forward with a casual shoe that pairs well with shorts, jeans and dress pants. Update your Converses to a clean canvas sneaker or linen shoe with ties. Nothing says heat better than a desert, so keep it light and don the palest shades of tan and sand. You want to feel comfortable and cool, since women will take note of your shoes. Don’t blow it by looking like you just tip toed through the tulips.

2. Jeans, Genius.  No real big news that skinny jeans are the way to go, but don’t go too skinny. And do go for brands like Levi, Wrangler or Lee. We know you’re thinking, “Huh? Aren’t designer jeans the new re-rage?” Exactly. So you need to sidestep that issue (of Vogue) completely. And let’s not be silly about only considering button fly fronts. That might work if you’re into the stained-crotch look; otherwise a zip is the way to go. 

3. Different Drummers.  Look around at all of that “casual Friday” competition out there. One word can easily take you to the top of the help-heap: suits. While everyone else looks like they’re ready for frumpy tee-time, take it for granted (as in Cary Granted!) and summer suit it up in a light grey or sober-blue that gives you neck-to-socks clout. Feel free to ditch the tie — or not — but do nix the white shirt for something smartly (and brightly) colored. Even that golf polo will do, but keep the top button buttoned to show off your cool defiance.

4. Socks.  Wear ’em. That naked ankle show is over. In fact, get some personality color in your spirited summer step. A subtle flash of a fun shade is sure to brighten up your outfit.

5. Accessories. Watch? Smaller, and with a canvas band. Jewelry? None, unless you’re rightly ringed via marriage. Handkerchief? Yes. Always. The bigger and whiter the better.

What’s your summer wardrobe staple? Let us know below!