Behind The Scenes: Condom Chaos

By: Laurie Davis, Founder 

Never have I ever … thought my job title would include the term “sexfluencer.” But last week, my fiancé (who, if you’re not in the know, is The Professional Wingman) and I were hired to help launch a condom — oh, the unexpected, hilarious and thrilling places being a dating coach takes you! And for us, there’s just no brand better to ‘do it’ with than Durex: they’re literally the only condoms we stock in our boudoir. 

Our day began in a conference room with the four sexfluencers (Health, Love and Sex editor for BlogHer, A.V. Flox, dating blogger Miss Taylor Cast, Thomas and I) caffeined up, plugged into the interwebs and condoms chaotically spread all over the table. My inner goddess was doing back flips — clearly this was going to be fun. Despite Twitter’s outages, we logged on and started our #getinsync party. Thomas DJ’d on Spotify (kicking it off with Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together,” the song the Durex song generator said Thomas and I should “listen” to, of course) and the sparks in the room — and on the web — flew.

Taylor told my man and I that we were as in sync in person as we seem online — swoon! And it seems she was more right than we really knew. The first topic we tweeted about inspired nearly exact answers from us both. And though we were sitting next to each other, we had no idea what the other was typing!

@Durex_USA: Let's talk about the biggest issue at hand, trying to #GetInSync w/ your partner in the bedroom! Noises? Reactions? What keeps you in sync?

@eFlirtExpert: Just like body language, mirroring noise levels, reactions, etc helps your partner feel comfortable enough to let loose. #GetInSync

@URwingman: A major part of being in sync w/your partner is mirroring. Body language, noises, gestures are key to keeping you both at ease #GetInSync

As the afternoon progressed we got awfully comfortable with one another and even hosted a Google+ hangout where we taste-tested flavored lubes on-camera. Ooo la la. It was fun to chat with my Twitter followers and Facebook fans about some racier-than-norm topics — you guys definitely weren’t as shy as I expected.

Later that eve we walked the red carpet at the NYC Get In Sync launch party. But the ‘O’ faces of Manhattan’s elite lit up when entering the venue — displayed as art on the walls, the decor was entirely orgasm chic. From the coasters to behind the bar and even atop the cocktail tables, condoms filled nearly every square inch in sight. Themed cocktails like “The After Glow” and “The Sip of Bliss” were served and flat screens were filled with tweets of partygoers’ musings.

Couples were certainly an undercurrent of the evening — and aptly so, since Durex’s new Performax condom helps you get in sync with your partner by speeding her up and slowing him down while doing the deed.

Not only were Thomas and I groovin’ to the music (even though he was on crutches), but celebrities Ice T and CoCo made an appearance, as well as Ashley and JP from The Bachelorette. Even the DJs were married and battled it out, with DJ Kiss speeding up the beats while her hubby DJ M.O.S. slowed them down. 

But despite the VIP evening — and the fact that Thomas literally swept me off his feet by throwing his crutches down and dancing on one leg — the best part was getting a hand-delivered package to our love nest filled with Durex’s crowned jewels. I thought I’d highlight a few fave products and my unabashed opinions here. (And yes, I am blushing big time as I write this.)

Performax® Intense Condoms: Though Thomas and I don’t typically have trouble getting on the same page (virtually or physically), the claim that these condoms “speed her up” and “slow him down” had me intrigued. And I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. The contouring on the outside, in addition to the lube for her, definitely heightened the experience — oh my! I definitely recommend this to the ladies. As for the men, you should check out my fiancé’s review

Avanti Bare Condoms: Whoa. This one definitely hit on some hot buttons. Since they’re 20 percent thinner than the thinnest condom (yes, even less latex than the Durex Extra Sensitives that are in our bedside drawer) it barely feels like you’re wrapped up … but you are. Mind blowing, I tell ya. A must try for everyone who wants protection that feels barely there.

Ring of Bliss: To some guys, toys are confusing and can even be intimidating. But the truth is, most women like a little tech in the bedroom, taking the phrase ‘put it on vibrate’ to a whole new level. And this ring doesn’t disappoint — it is blissful. It lasts 20 minutes and is waterproof. Use it on her alone or while you ‘vibe’ together.

But the best part, is that I get a "Sexcessories Kit" to give away to YOU. Just tweet this post or comment on this blog and you'll be entered to win some new play things, including the Performax Intense condoms . . . complete with handcuffs, compliments of Durex.

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