Getting Stood Up: How To Deal

All Dressed Up and Nowhere To Go

By Jessica Hartman, Certified eFlirter

It’s every online daters worst nightmare: you meet someone online that you think looks nice, swap a few messages and agree to meet up. On the big day you get ready, arrive at your date spot, grab a drink and wait ... and wait. Half an hour goes by with no calls or texts and you realize you’re being stood up. While most people wouldn’t give someone who has the audacity to do this to another person an additional chance, there are some circumstances that could warrant one.

Things come up, life happens and sometimes, the universe just gets in the way. But thanks to modern technology, there’s usually a way to send a warning text/call/message —something — before your date. Even if it’s during the time the date was scheduled for, some communication, no matter how feeble, is always better than nothing.

If your would-be date gives a legitimate excuse (i.e. family emergency, accident, unexpected work incident) and gives you a heads up, he or she might be worth a second chance. We’ve all been there; let them explain and use your judgment to make the final call.

However, it’s rare that there’s a situation where the other person can’t take five seconds to send you a text. If you find yourself in classic stand-up scenario, your immediate response might be to dial the person’s number and call him or her out on it — but don’t. Take the high road and remember that if someone is willing to do this, you don’t want to date him or her anyway. Instead, give a friend a ring and go out on the town! No need to waste a perfectly good date outfit.

Bottom line: crap happens. Just keep your wits about you. If you think someone deserves a second chance, then give one. If not, it’s certainly not a reflection on you — this person hasn’t even had the pleasure of meeting you yet! And of course, remember that there are plenty of more fish in the sea.

Have you ever given someone a second chance after being stood up? How did it go? Share in the comments below!