It’s Time: Taking Down Your Online Dating Profile(s)

By Jessica Hartman, Certified eFlirter

There are certain steps a relationship naturally takes when you go from casually dating each other to being in a serious relationship — you stop seeing other people, have “the talk” and then make it FBO (Facebook Official). But when you’re dating online, there’s another step that people sometimes forget about: taking down your online dating profile(s).

This can be a source of friction for some couples. The worst thing that can happen is one of you takes your profile down, then looks and sees that the other person hasn’t taken his or her profile down yet. Of course, this is when the questions start. Is he/she still dating online? Is he/she cheating on me? Does he/she really like me or is this all in my head?

There’s really only one solution to this — honesty and communication. When you feel like your main squeeze is someone you really want to commit to, just bring up the profile situation when you have “the talk.” A simple question like, “Do you think it’s time we take down our profiles?” during your conversation is an easy way to get the ball rolling. That way, it will be a mutual act you do together. Furthermore, it can be a bonding experience and a way to show each other how much you really care.

You should definitely never go into the conversation accusing the other person of anything. Many online daters often forget about their profiles when they start dating someone seriously and never think to take it down — which is also the reason why there are so many phantom profiles out there (profiles that haven’t been logged into for a long period of time). So help make the online dating world a better place — and strengthen your growing relationship — by taking your profile down when you’re happily attached to your match!

Have you had a great experience with your significant other when you took your profiles down? Share your story below!