Your Ultimate Movie Night Date Guide

By Kristin Manganello, Copy Cutie

From the days of cranking films by hand to the instant gratification of Netflix streaming, the movie date is a staple for couples from all walks of romance. Whether you’re adventuring out to the theaters in search of summer blockbuster eye candy or you’re having an intimate evening at home, here are our top picks to help you make the most out of your movie night.

1. Vampire While The Twilight Saga certainly has a multitude of fans, it also burns hatred into the hearts of many. In spite of its romance and action, these polarizing films are best viewed in the company of other fans rather than with your lover (unless, of course, you’re both fans!). Instead, opt for something like Fright Night. Not too scary or gory, this film will work for both horror junkies and those less enthusiastic about blood and guts. With big doses of sexiness and humor, you and your honey are sure to get busy cuddling on the couch. For big screen bloodsuckers, we recommend Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter for its gritty alternate history or Dark Shadows for something a little lighter.

2. Romance In spite of a multilayered plot, He’s Just Not That Into You is little more than your typical run-of-the-mill romantic comedy. Films like these operate on the same basic story line using tired plot tropes and character stereotypes. Skip the typical rom-com and go for something out-there, like Zombieland. Zombie apocalypses might not seem very romantic, but the budding relationship between the main characters will have the two of you feeling surprisingly lovey-dovey. For passion at the picture-show house, we recommend Hysteria. Centered on the invention of the vibrator in Victorian London, this film is sure to entertain with its sensuality and whimsical repartee.

3. Action When it comes to action flicks, forget your sofa entirely and go to the movies! What’s the point of watching epic battles and fast-paced chases if they’re not on the big screen? Summer is the season for over-the-top action films, so you’ll have a lot to choose from. Since comic book movies tend to appeal to a variety of tastes, we recommend the record-breaking Avengers movie and the long awaited Dark Knight Rises.

4. Comedy Laughing together is definitely fun and sexy, but some comedies — like Chasing Amy — can be awkward to watch with your significant other. While there’s plenty of comic relief provided by the iconic Jay and Silent Bob, the film’s exploration of jealousy and control issues might leave you and your honey feeling more glum than gleeful about romance. But if there’s something awkward in your relationship, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! Goofy humor sandwiched between wit and unforgettable characters makes this movie a great option for date night. For blitheness at the bijou, we recommend Safety Not Guaranteed, an oddball film about time travel featuring an unlikely hero that is sure to make you laugh and think.

5. Drama Although critically acclaimed and featuring a stellar cast, the complicated sexual relationships and infidelity in the film Closer can be a major mood killer on date night. Get to know the sweeter side of Tim Burton with his southern gothic film Big Fish and enjoy the sentimental story of man trying to understand his dying father through the tall tales his pops has always told him. You and your lover will LOL during one scene and then reach for the tissues in the next, encouraging warm fuzzy feelings to grow between you two. For sensationalism on the silver screen, we recommend Snow White and the Huntsman. This highly anticipated film overlaps with the action genre, making it a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

What are your picks for movie date night? Let us know in a comment below!