How to Have a Summer Fling

By: Samantha Eng, Copy Cutie

Sunshine and warmer weather bring sunscreen, beach towels, sunglasses and one of our favorites — the epic summer fling — to the forefront of our lives. While some singles make it a mission to secure their fling during Memorial Day Weekend, remember that you can stumble upon it any time between fireworks and BBQs. Either way, keep these three key things in mind to ensure your warm weather romance is one to remember!

The Laws of Attraction. 

As the temperature increases your layers start to shed, revealing our favorite ready-to-wear item: pure, unadulterated skin. Summer easily allows you to put your best foot forward, or in this case, expose your favorite sun kissed feature. So:

  • Wear sunscreen. While the color red indicates passion, sunburns and lobster-esque features look painful.
  • Be modest about your tan lines. Sun kissed skin is sexy, but exposing too much — summer or not — is tricky. Keep ‘em guessing!
  • Moisten those lips. Apply ample lip balm at the beach and beyond. After all, you never know whom you’ll be kissing!

Keep Your Priorities Straight.

Armed with approachability, relax and enjoy the heat of the summer …  and the heat of a summer romance. While we all have our must-haves when searching for the perfect mate, this is the season to put fun, excitement and spontaneity at the top of your to-do list. In the case of a summertime fling, go big or go home! Make enjoying the person you’re with the priority and cast your seriousness aside.

Keep Your Expiration Date in Mind. 

With all the fun you’re having, it’s hard to believe (or accept) that the hot and heavy weather (and rendezvous) will eventually end. Keep it clear in your mind, though laborious to give up this thrilling and heart racing romantic adventure that sometimes, all good things come to end. Keep your sights set on Labor Day with the understanding that your new romance might fizzle like the end of summer fireworks. 

Of course there are the lucky few that have turned summer heat into cozy falls. Are you one of them? Tell us about the fall for your summer fling in a comment below!