The Etiquette of Sharing Food

By Kristin Manganello, Copy Cutie

credit: (Flickr)

Whether you know each other well or you just met, defining the boundaries between your plates and utensils isn't always the easiest thing to figure out. Sometimes, it seems like sharing our thoughts and feelings is more manageable than sharing our food. Here are five tips that are sure to alleviate any awkward moments when going Dutch on grub.

Sharing is caring.  If your sweetheart asks for a bite, then by golly give it them! Letting him or her have a taste of your chow shows that you care more about your honey than your hamburger. If you're the one doing the asking, limit the size of your bite. Eating an entire quarter of someone's panini in one gulp is just plain rude! It also sends a subtle message that you're thoughtless — and possibly, self-centered.

Make it family style.  While you have salt and pepper at the table, variety is the real spice of life. Pick a few things off the menu and divide the feast between you two. Not only will it titillate your taste buds in multiple ways, it will also encourage you to feel cozier with one another. During and after your meal, you and your lover can chat about what you've shared, giving you a fail-safe conversation to fall back on if the dialogue slows down.

Share a cup, not a cone.  Warning: This section discusses certifiably gross bodily functions. Reader discretion is advised. If you haven't reached make-out territory yet, don't make your first experience with your sweetie's saliva be whatever’s left on a scoop of ice cream. Even if you have been kissing, licking a glob of spit off a frosty treat is still pretty yucky. Swap your DNA samples when you lock lips, not while licking lactose.

Feed each other … sans the choo-choo train.  If you're at the point where you're feeding each other, then you've definitely leveled up in comfort. Congratulations! Pass go and collect 200 love dollars, because you've earned it. But unless your relationship thrives on being super cutesy wutesy with each other, leave the baby talk to the babies. There's nothing sexy about adults making chug-a-chug sounds while shoveling a forkful of food into another adult's mouth. It might be a funny at first, but it quickly gets old.

Picnic in transit.  Go somewhere with an awesome takeout selection, pick something large that both of you can agree on and take it to a park. For this impromptu picnic, forget about separate plates, baskets and red-and-white checkered tablecloths, and dig into the same dish. Feeling adventurous? Consider taking your to-go eats on your local metro train and munch while you pass through your city’s neighborhoods. When you and your paramour have finished, get off at whatever stop you're at and explore. As you discover unknown or overlooked places together, you'll continue the theme of sharing that you started with your picnic — and also create a sweet new memory.

What are your tips for sharing food with a partner? Let us know below!