Top 5 Ways to Keep Cool on a Date

By Paola Hernandez, Copy Cutie

credit: gareth1953 (Flickr)Things are heating up this summer — and we’re not talking about just the temperature! This is the season that takes you on outside dates. Worried the 90-degree heat will make a night out with your beau unbearable? Don’t let steamy weather dictate where you’ll go or what you’ll do. Below are our top five tips on staying cool during your date. Because the only thing that should heat up between the two of you is your chemistry.

1. Stay Light and Bright.  Dark colors absorb the sun’s rays, so ditch those gloomy hues. When planning out your date outfit, wear light clothing, like shorts, short sleeves and sandals. Think about donning one signature piece that's bright: yellows, greens, oranges, or even neons. Not only you will stay cool but you’ll also show off your fun side. Keep it chill and casual!

2. Frozen Delights.  Kids associate warm weather with the sounds of an ice cream truck. After enjoying a delicious dinner, stop by your nearest ice cream shop and indulge your inner child with a frozen treat. Are you or your date lactose intolerant? Find a locale that serves either water ices or shaved ice. Your dessert stop will allow you to continue your date in a fun way. You never know what more you can learn about someone while enjoying a sweet treat.

3. Splish Splash and I’m Having a Blast!  Memories of Slip n’ Slides and open fire hydrants are what make summer great. If the heat is too hard to beat, find a sprinkler and cool down. Many parks have sprinkler systems that get turned on during the dog days of summer. Day dates tend to be casual, so if your date is up to it, run through the sprinklers at your nearest park. It’ll definitely cool you cool down, and you and your date will also have fun doing it.

4. Slow Down.  Enjoy the date and don’t overexert yourself. Take a stroll along a path near a pond or river in there’s one in your area. Bodies of water offer cooler temps, plus a romantic scene. Feeling overheated? Grab some lemonade or iced tea, find a bench and just sit next to each other. Taking a breather will keep you cool as cool as a cucumber.

5. Under the Stars.  Temperatures generally get lower as the day goes on. Enjoy the lighter, and perhaps breezier weather and find a local outdoor event like a movie or a concert under the stars. Pack a picnic basket, bring a blanket and wine and dine while enjoying an evening out. If the weather drops more than expected, snuggle up to keep each other warm! 

Have a cool-down tip we missed? Comment below and share with other readers!