Fail to Fab: The Summer Fling

By: Jess Downey, Copy Cutie

credit: koadmunkee (Flickr)Fail: We all know how I feel about summer, but if there’s one thing I can get behind when it’s warm out, it’s a summer fling, which I've set out to find for a few years now. The first time it was mission, the opportunity presented itself — twice — but by the time I realized what was going on (and that it was a good idea) the guys were long gone. Last summer I gave it a go again. As luck would have it, I had a sort-of guy friend who was interested, but after going on some dates with him I realized I saw him more as a friend than a fling. But instead of bailing or just continuing our friendship, I kept pushing for something to happen … which only resulted in me being flingless. And friendless. #DoubleFail

Fab: While it’s true that a summer fling isn’t a full-blown relationship, there are a couple of basic principles to keep in mind to make one a success.

A summer fling isn’t something you can force to happen — you either feel it or you don’t. Now that doesn’t mean you have to have “serious” dates that will lead to picking out china patterns; after all, it’s a fling! It just means that you should feel some connection and enjoy spending time with the person.

As with most things dating (and mating) related, it’s best to let a summer fling happen naturally. If you meet someone who’s interesting and you’re both game for a casual courtship, date and see how things go. Just remember to stay cool, calm and collected. And if you sense things are getting sour — even if it’s only two or three dates in — there’s no harm in ending things. Just be sure to bow out gracefully.

Remember: A fling is supposed to be easy and breezy, so avoid giving into pressure of the idea of one that will keep you from actually having one. And if you unexpectedly come across some fun in the making, fling your heart out.