Choose Your Answer to “Why Are You Still Single?”

By: Samantha Eng, Copy Cutie

credit: torbakhopper (Flickr)Usually, when I get the “Why are you still single?” question, one of three ways to answer pop into my head:

  1. A swift right hook to the jaw
  2. A sneer, followed by, “Why do you ask such dumb questions?
  3. Or, Wait — why am I still single?

Depending on which version of Sybil woke up on the wrong side of the bed, there’s no telling what I might say.

But there’s a good chance that with 54 million single people in the U.S., I’m not the only one who's been asked that question. So before an epic Fail to Fab-like date occurs, check out a few awesome — and, unlike my preferred aforementioned number one choice —appropriate ways to answer the question that haunts us.


If you have a case of the giggles, which is usually a result of being under a high degree of emotional distress, make a joke of it and answer appropriately! Chances are, nerves are high. Allowing yourself to be open and a little vulnerable will put both of you and the asker at ease (because let’s face it, depending on who’s doing the asking, this question can be rude). In this case, simply attribute your singlehood to an endearing quirk like your affinity to sleep in past noon on Sundays, or getting lost in a paper bag. Say it totally deadpan and see how your inquirer responds!


A carefully orchestrated sarcastic comment offer daters a soft challenge and intrigues them. While “Why do you ask such dumb questions?” might not be the best response, something more subdued will be a welcome sting — kind of like the toothache you can’t help but suck on. These responses could include: “I like/need a challenge” or “I haven’t found anyone whose caught my interest,” both of which ignite a real challenge for anyone with a competitive edge.


Lastly, for those who still believe in happy endings, butterflies and fairies, a daydreamer’s response will warm the heart of a romantic. Cast your net to catch stargazers with responses like, “I’m waiting for true love” or “I’m looking for a deep commitment.”

WARNING: It’s in your best interest to size up the inquirer before choosing your dating defense.

Which response is your go-to? Give us Goosebumps on your page-turner!