Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Your Independence

credit: tsuacctnt (Flickr)By Paola Hernandez, Copy Cutie

Summer’s in full swing, and people are really enjoying their fun in the sun. Though the long, hot days call for a summer fling (or two), what if you’re riding solo? Your single status doesn’t mean you should feel the need to attach yourself to someone just for the sake of it. And after having an amazing Memorial Day Weekend, the Fourth of July is the perfect holiday to celebrate your independence, right along with the US of A! Here are five ways to cheers to your freedom during our country’s birthday.

1. Grillin’ and chillin’.  Nothing’s better than relaxing at a backyard BBQ with friends. Grab a brew and chomp down on some dogs and burgers. The relaxing atmosphere helps you unwind and have fun, so take advantage and socialize the day away. If you’re dateless, mingle it up! There’s no one holding you back.

2. Paint the town red, white and blue.  Since the holiday falls on a Wednesday this year, many are itching to make this a five-day weekend. If you’re one of the lucky ones who don’t have to clock in on Independence Day, make July 3rd an extended happy hour. Grab your friends, hit up your after work happy hour spot and live up the night! It may be on a Tuesday, but when you’re indulging in drinks with a weekend mindset it won’t matter.

3. Baby, you’re a firework.  It’s not July Fourth without a fireworks display. Whether you plan on watching the Macy’s fireworks show or heading to a park in your neck of the woods, make a night of it. Pack a blanket and enough food for all your best pals. You’re guaranteed to enjoy the night with good company.

4. Pump up the jam.  If a beach or lake road trip is in your holiday plans, make sure to create a slammin’ playlist for the road. Songs like “Born in the USA” by the Boss and Miley’s “Party in the USA” create an upbeat vibe for the day ahead, even if you’re driving to your destination by yourself. Other feel-good tracks are from Bon Jovi, Whitesnake and Guns ‘N Roses. Nothing gets the mood rolling like ‘80s hair bands do. Rock on!

5. Venture into the unknown.  Find an activity or a place you’ve never been before and do something new — solo. Don’t let the thought of doing this on your own scare you. There are tons of free outdoor concerts, parades and street fairs during a summer holiday, and you can truly appreciate the particular event alone just much as — or even more — than if you went with someone else.

How will you celebrate your independence on the Fourth of July? Let us know in a comment below!