Top 5 Signs You’re THAT Guy Online

By Paola Hernandez, Copy Cutie

credit: alobar77 (Flickr)When you’re at the bar or out on the town, it’s easy to turn the charm on high if you sense the other person isn’t immediately diggin’ what you have to offer. But dating online can be tricky, since you can’t change someone’s opinion if she’s only going by what’s on the screen — and isn’t impressed enough to message you. As we’ve said before, your profile is someone’s first impression of you. The last thing you want is to give someone the wrong idea, especially if it’s a potential match.

With that said, keep a few things in mind to avoid being that guy. Who is he, you ask? He’s basically the epitome of who not to date, and his profile makes anyone interested in him run to the hills. Nothing’s less attractive than THAT guy. Think you might be him? Here are a few warning signs to look out for:

1. Bros Fo Sho’.  While it’s good to have a close circle of friends that will always have your back, leave the Entourage-inspired photos offline. When a gal’s checking out your profile, she wants to see pictures of you, not of you and your bros doing shots of Jameson last weekend. Not only will it seem like you’re lacking confidence in without posting solo pics, but also shows there’s potential competition for your attention if one of your pals is better looking than you.

2. Vroom Vroom.  Guys, we know you love your cars — and love to show them off — but keep that at neutral. A lady may think she has to compete with your car if you mention it online in both text and pictures. While you can say how awesome your car is (especially if it’s a classic model), don’t make it your profile's focal point. Leave that discussion for the date … if you manage to get one, of course.

3. LMAO ... WTF? ;)  Shorthand and emoticons have become a second language to most when communicating with our closest friends and family. Emoticons can help express feelings via text, but don’t go overboard when it comes to your About section ... and every other section the site you're on has. Adding tons of smiley faces and LOLs everywhere can give your profile an annoying vibe. If it’s absolutely necessary to throw one in there, be frugal!

4. Say Hello To My Little Friend.  We all have our favorite movies, and some people like quoting entire scenes. Classic guy flicks like The Godfather, Scarface, and Star Wars are a few constantly quoted films. While certain people might appreciate that you like their favorite flick, don’t overdo it. And keep your impression of Tony Montana to yourself.

5. No Shirt, No Service.  Certain things are better left to the imagination, like what’s underneath your clothes. Shirtless photos give off one of two vibes to someone browsing your page: either you’re way into your looks and would be picky with who you date, or that you could be on the site just for a little nookie. There‘s nothing wrong with that, but if your profile's text says you’re looking for something long-term, your picture won’t fit into your search for love. Keep your shirt on!

Did we miss a telltale sign of that guy? Share with other readers in a comment below!