Top 5 Signs You’re THAT Girl Online

By Paola Hernandez, Copy Cutie

credit: robstephaustralia (Flickr)Online dating can be challenging, so make sure your profile is the best one in the server. Ladies, think of it this way: putting it together is similar to assembling the perfect outfit — details matter. If one of your accessories doesn’t look right, the whole outfit falls apart. You can have either an amazing profile or gorgeous pictures, but if something doesn’t add up, your potential match might move to the next one. Unsure of what these profile no-nos are? Here’s a checklist of what to remove from your profile to make yourself appealing to the men of the digital dating pool.

1. Labels or Love.  Who doesn’t love to spoil themselves with a designer label item or two? It’s good to occassionally treat yourself to an LV Speedy 35 or a pair of Louboutins, but declaring your love for designer labels on your online dating profile might make you look materialistic. Most guys like low-maintenance girls. Keep it on the down-low!

2. Duck, Duck Goose.  There’s a phenomenon plaguing social networking sites that needs to be stopped: Duck Face. For some unknown reason, women are posting photos of them doing the duck face. Unsure of the pose? It’s when ladies purse their lips (as if they’re making a kissy-face) as far as humanly possible, giving the illusion of them having duck beaks (see photo on right). Contrary to what you might have seen on TV, this is not an attractive look.

3. Oopma Loompa, Doopity Do.  During those hot summer days, who wouldn’t want to hit up the beach for a little relaxation? While you’ll obviously get some natural color when you hit the sand, if you end up sporting a bronzed glow that isn’t found in nature, you might be in trouble. Tone down the tan from Snooki orange lest you find yourself in a casting call for the next season of Jersey Shore.

4. In Too Deep.  Women will go through hoops of fire to impress a man they’re interested in. But one thing you need tp remember is to stay true to yourself. If you put Confucius or Voltaire quotes as the headline on your profile, be prepared to have a similar conversation with someone online. If your messages don’t add up to your supposed philosophical outlook, change your game plan. 

5. Stalling with Pictures.  Spur of the moment inspiration hits and you want a solo pic for your page, stat. But before taking matters into your own hands, ask a friend to help you. Pictures in a messy bathroom or bedroom show that you love taking selfies. While some may be OK, it’s really something that should be kept on your social media channels, like Facebook or Instagram (if at all). Also, limit the amount of pictures you upload to your dating profile. Less is more. The more photos you have of yourself, the higher chance you have of coming off vain and conceited. Keep it simple and classy, ladies!

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