Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Cool With a Summer Fling

credit: jonas_foyn (Flickr)By Kristin Manganello, Copy Cutie

Keeping your cool during the sweltering heat of a summer fling can be difficult — especially if you're new to the art of a sunny season affair. But it's totally possible to have your ice cream and eat it, too. Here are five tips to help you chill out when things get hot.

1. Don’t have expectations.  Assuming there's a pot of relationship gold at the end of the romance rainbow isn’t a great perspective to have. This attitude keeps you worrying about tomorrow and forgetting about today, and expectations make unfair standards for both you and your hot weather honey. Furthermore, presuming that you're on the road to a relationship can generate negative emotions like jealousy, anger and suspicion when things don't go as planned. Stay present and don't get ahead of yourself. 

2. Kiss a lot of frogs.  Having a few people in your little black or pink book will keep you from getting too focused on any of your casual cuties. Seeing more than one person will also help you take things at a slower pace with each rendezvous. While honesty is usually the best policy, be as forthcoming as you'd like about your other extracurricular activities; casual relationships don't really require explanation. But if one of your frogs is becoming your romance royalty, honesty is key so you both know how to move forward.

3. Be kind, and don't rewind.  If you've been seeing someone for a few weeks and the feelings you share are developing into a deeper connection, don't stop progress short by obsessing over it. Every magic moment and affectionate word uttered has the capacity to consume your mind, especially if your heart is in overdrive. Overthinking has never helped anyone — ever. Again, stay in the present and go with the flow.

4. Laugh it off.  If your fling says they'll call you tomorrow but you never hear from them again, don't sweat it. Just keep calm and carry on (seriously). Life's too short to waste time, energy and emotions on someone too inconsiderate (or scatterbrained) to get in touch with you. Take the good memories of your fling and move along. Don't let this minor setback dictate the tone for the rest of your summer.

5. KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid).  Avoid overly serious staples of coupledom, like lavish dinners and grand overtures of romance, when it comes to your summer sweetheart. Since there's no expectation of a relationship, don’t treat it like one. Instead, stick with fun, casual activities. If you two fall in love between the Ferris wheel and the ice cream stand, enjoy. And if things don't work out, you can at least say that you had a great summer adventure.

What are your tips for keeping your cool during a summer fling? Let’s hear about it in a comment below!