Top 5 Favorite Summer Romance Movies

By Paola Hernandez, Copy Cutie

credit: IMBDA date night with your beau doesn’t mean it has to be a night out on the town. We’re in the dog days of summer, and with temps on the rise it might be a wise idea to stay inside. If beating the heat means popping some popcorn and opening a bottle of wine, make it a movie date night — at home. Not sure on what to pop into the DVD player or look up on Netflix? Here’s a list of summer romance flicks that you and your boo can enjoy with the A/C on full blast.

1. Adventureland.  Everyone loves long days at the amusement park with friends, but what if you worked at one? Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg’s characters discover love while trying to make the best of working in a run-down play land. Eisenberg plays an awkward college graduate who lands a job at Adventureland to pay for grad school where he meets Stuart, who plays Emily. If awkward (but happy) romances are your cup of tea, rent this flick: this is one of the few films where K.Stew’s performance is tolerable.  

2. The Notebook.  When romantic movies come to mind, how can you leave out Nicholas Sparks? Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams bring this ultimate love story to life. Watching this movie with the person you’re seeing will show them a softer, more amorous side of you. Keep that box of tissues handy, because the romance of Noah and Allie will bring a tear to your eye!

3. Grease.  Who doesn’t love this classic film about summer lovin’? This ‘70s classic brings you back to the time of doo-wop, ice cream parlors and leather jackets. The upbeat music and the funny dialogue are sure to put you in a jazzy mood. Caution: Watching this film might cause you to break out into song.

4. Blue Crush.  Blue Crush appeals to both guys and gals for the perfect date night in. And it’s not just a love story for the romantics; it’s a movie about surfers, the ultimate summer sport. Bikini clad actors grace the screen as they fall in love and compete in surfing tournaments in Hawaii. Who knows — watching Blue Crush might even inspire a weekend beach trip with you and your lover!

5. (500) Days of Summer.  This sleeper hit tells the untraditional love story between Zooey Deschanel’s character, Summer, and Tom, played by Joseph Gordon Levitt. The narrative jumps to random dates that occur in the 500 days of their relationship instead of going in chronological order. If you appreciate spontaneous musical numbers and Hollywood’s upcoming A-list actors, watch this movie and bask in the adorkable-ness that is Zooey and Joseph!

Spending a night in to watch a movie allows a break from going out, spending money and walking around in the heat. Bonus: the intimate setting of snuggling next to your date at home gives you the chance to grow as a couple.

Have other suggestions for fun summer romance flicks to rent? Share with us below!