Ten Words You Should Never Use in Your Profile

By Paola Hernandez, Copy Cutie

credit: raymaclean (Flickr)Pictures may say a 1,000 words but that doesn’t mean you should slack on details in your online dating profile. Creating the ideal write up is like writing an ad. Use the right words to grab your match’s attention and captivate him or her into messaging you. Also, make sure to always keep your sentences simple and straightforward; trying to sound like someone you’re not will cause confusion when you and the cutie you’re chatting with meet in person.

But sometimes, weird phrases are all it takes to make the person viewing your profile wary. Not sure of what you should avoid? Here’s our top 10 list of words to leave out when sprucing up your digital dating profile.

1. Moist.  For some people, this word is a complete turn-off in any context and just sounds creepy. To be safe, avoid it at all costs — even if you’re only talking about the weather.

2. YOLO (“You Only Live Once”).  If living every moment like it’s your last is your current mantra, simply say "carpe diem." Not only will it make you sound cultured, but people won’t think you’re a wannabe rapper or hip-hop artist.

3. Hoodrat/Thug.  No one who wants respect would refer to anyone (or themselves) as either a hoodrat or thug. They’re demeaning terms and have no reason to be on your profile.

4. Fantabulous.  Making up your own words was fun when you were 8-years-old. But at 28? Not so much. Save it for when you’re Gchatting with pals.

5. Seductive.  Being seductive in person isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but saying the word itself on your online dating profile might indicate you’re looking for a one-night-stand. If you want something more substantial, stray away from using similarly sensual adjectives.

6. Luv/Werd.  Spell check is embedded in most web browsers, so make sure you use misspelled word in the right context. You don’t want others to think you’re uneducated if you’re not.

7. Horny.  Red flag alert! No one needs to read this online. Keep it classy and hide your dirty thoughts to yourself.

8. Expl*t!ve$.  No one likes a dirty mouth, so clean it up! Stay away from using profanity in your profile. Not only will you come off as immature, but it’ll look like you won’t be able to properly behave in public.  Use terms as ‘frack’ or ‘sugar honey iced tea’ if necessary, but keep your cursing off the screen.  

9. Depressed.  No one likes a Debbie Downer or Dowdy David, so keep your profile upbeat. The more positive energy you have in your profile, the more you’ll attract potential matches.

10. Picky.  While most would assume this applies solely to women, men are just as guilty of using this word. Including it in your profile is sure to drive away potential partners. Keep an open mind when looking for your perfect match — remember, it only takes one!

Have you seen words or phrases that have pushed you away from someone’s profile? Let us know in a comment below!