Battling The Ex Run-In

By Paola Hernandez, Copy Cutie

credit: rick (Flickr)A breakup is one of the most awkward (and emotional) experiences two people can go through together. And whenever you experience something uncomfortable with someone, the last thing you want to do is see the other person — no matter how long it’s been since the big talk. Whether you guys work together, live in the same area, or share mutual friends, keep in mind that there’s always the chance of a chance run-in. Even if you live in a major city like LA or NYC, you never know when you’ll see your former flame unexpectedly. Below are three scenarios of bumping into the last person you want to see and easy ways to come out on top.

Not Dressed to Impress. Whenever we look our best and are fitted to the nines, the chances of running into people we know are scarce. It’s typically the times when we look like we got hit by a truck are when you feel like you’re at your high school reunion, even though you're just running errands in your neighborhood. If you happen to run into your ex while rocking a pair of comfy sweats and your old college shirt, casually say hello and continue with your day. He or she will see you’re on a time crunch if you avoid stopping to chat. If your ex weasels you into conversing, don’t mention your attire in embarrassment. Acknowledging that you look like a mess shows lack of confidence. Wear your ratty pants with pride!

It’s a Small World After All. When you live in a large city, you’re connected to more people than you think. It’s not uncommon to have your ex roll into the bar where you’re out with your fellow coworkers during happy hour drinks. Keep your cool by jokingly greeting them with a “Hey, stranger!” Taking the upper hand of the situation will leave less leeway for your ex to possibly embarrass you. After acknowledging your former beau, divert your attention back to your coworkers. You went out for after-work drinks to spend time with them, not your ex.

Tug O’ War.  When you break up with someone, your mutual friends are caught in a “custody battle.” While you might try to keep things civil for the sake of your awesome pals, it can be harder than you realize. Regardless of how your breakup went, refrain from talking smack about your ex if you all used to hang like family. As much as you might want to tell your best gal pal that he had smelly feet or tell your main bro that she was annoying as hell, it’s not worth it. A possible game of telephone can go down and dirty, and if everyone gets together at an event later on, like a birthday party or a wedding, things can get ugly — quick. Be the bigger person and kill them with kindness if needed. You get more flies with sugar!

Running into an ex is never easy and is sometimes hard to avoid. Always remember that even if you were the one who was dumped, you can have the upper hand and be awesome. Stay confident and show your former lover that they’re missing out on something amazing.

What’s a positive way you’ve battled a run-in with an ex? Share with us in a comment below!