The First Date Debate: Coffee vs. Alcohol

By Kristin Manganello, Copy Cutie

credit: Rob Qld (flickr)Whether you’re doing the coffee date or the drinking date, it’s important to examine how these beverages affect your behavior. There are ups and downs (both literally and figuratively) with both caffeine and alcohol, so choose wisely. Need help? Review this guide before setting your date plans in stone.


Pro: Caffeine switches your brain from off to on — making you and your date much more chipper and talkative. An exciting conversation is more likely to lead you to more dates than a boring, sleepy one.

Con: Extra energy might lead to hyperactivity and speed talking. There’s the possibility that you’ll come off a little nutty or edgy. If caffeine really affects you, stick to decaf.

Pro: Since coffee places tend to be quiet, the two of you will have a chance to talk without having to shout over loud music and hoards of people.

Con: While more conducive to having a meaningful conversation, a quiet place will also magnify the white noise of a conversation gone awkwardly silent. If the mojo seems to be running out, call it a day and move towards planning your next date.

Pro: Coffee dates are casual and void of the temptation to be overly touchy with each other. Because of this, they allow you to be more objective about the cutie you’re sitting with. Even though you’re on a date, you can assess your maybe-lover in a platonic way.

Con: Sober logic and objectivity may sound like good things, but they’re double edged swords. These methods of approach might diminish your chances of developing a love connection, since they keep your inhibitions in overdrive. Romance needs some sort of intimacy to blossom; don’t be afraid to get a little physical.


Pro: They don’t call liquor liquid courage for nothing. Alcohol helps you act more and think less. Awkwardness is alleviated because the edge has been removed from the situation, and conversations flow easily.

Con: Of course, the flipside to this is that you might say something stupid. It may sound harsh, but tipsy folks aren't exactly known for their graceful words and polite behavior. If you have a few too many and end up getting sloppy, it'll be hard to undo that bad first impression. 

Pro: You might end up making a connection with someone you wouldn’t have considered before. As you sip your poison of choice, your first level of dating defenses comes down — making you much more open to letting someone new and different in.

Con: Three words: Emotional. Beer. Goggles. Sometimes an inebriated brain isn’t the best judge of character. With your defenses down, you’re more vulnerable and could end up being into someone who's actually terrible for you. 

Pro: Even though being able to have a conversation without tons of distractions is a good thing, sometimes the opposite is also true. If you're at a place with a rocking juke box, you can let your bodies do the talking instead. Nonverbal communication plays a large role in how we “talk” to each other. If you're feeling carefree because of beers and beats, show your flirty interest through your awesome (or awesomely awful) dance moves.

Con: None! Dating is about fun, and dancing is great way to achieve that — whether you’re intoxicated or not.

Which date do you prefer — the coffee date or the drinking date? Tell us about it in a comment below!