Talk Nerdy to Me Series: Is Your Profile Too Nerdy?

By Paola Hernandez, Copy Cutie

credit: fuzzcat (Flickr)The days of Screech, Alfalfa and Urkel are long behind us. “Geeks” are no longer seen as social outcasts; now, being nerdy is slowly becoming the norm. With hipsters glorifying thick-rimmed glasses and shows like The Big Bang Theory making super smarties attractive, it makes sense that people are giving the geek culture a try. But before you upload a picture from Comic Con in your golden bikini Leia outfit or mention you play World of War craft 17 hours a day, take note! We’re bringing you a new eFlirt Expert series on mixing geek pride with your online dating life from a self-proclaimed geek.

Since you’re a geek, we know that filing out your online dating profile won’t be taken lightly. And one of your objectives is to captivate your profile’s visitor while staying true to yourself. Knowing what you should include will not only have more people flock to your profile, but you might get a message or two — even though your sci-fi DVD collection is a bit over the top. If you’re a nerd and proud of it, below are some key points to remember while on your quest for digital love.

Press pause.  Whether your escape of choice is Gears of War, Dance Dance Revolution or Final Fantasy, don’t make your favorite console games a huge point in your profile. Keep your video game love to a minimum by mentioning that you play them, but omit specifics. If people really want to know (which will help you figure out who’s interested) they’ll ask! Often times, a potential match might think you’ll pay more attention to your Xbox than to them.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Cosplay!  For those unfamiliar with the term, Cosplay means “Costume Play” — and no, not that kind of costume! Lovers of comic books, video games and Japanese anime will go to conventions like Comic Con or Otakon and walk around dressed as their favorite characters. While this might be fun for you and your circle of friends, posting a picture in your Darth Vader or Sailor Moon suit wouldn’t be a wise choice. Many who aren’t hardcore fans don’t understand the culture and may make assumptions about you before you even meet.  

Live long and prosper.  Who doesn’t like a good sci-fi quote? Spock, Yoda, and even the Power Rangers have provided endless classic lines to spew out at any moment. But leave them out of your bio! If famous words from Scarface or The Godfather are no-nos, the same goes for Star Wars and Pokémon dialogue. Hate to break it to you, but it’s the nerdiest thing you can write on a digital profile. If you won’t mutter the words in public in front of someone you’re interested in, you shouldn’t put it on cyber space.

How do you express your geekiness online? Share in a comment below!