Talk Nerdy to Me Series: Movies to Geek Out to on Date Night

By Paola Hernandez, Copy Cutie

credit: JD Hancock (Flickr)The days of Screech, Alfalfa and Urkel are long behind us. “Geeks” are no longer seen as social outcasts; now, being nerdy is slowly becoming the norm. With hipsters glorifying thick-rimmed glasses and shows like The Big Bang Theory making super smarties attractive, it makes sense that people are giving the geek culture a try. But before you upload a picture from Comic Con in your golden bikini Leia outfit or mention you play World of War craft 17 hours a day, take note! We’re bringing you a new eFlirt Expert series on mixing geek pride with your online dating life from a self-proclaimed geek.

When a relationship is in its infancy, you want to incorporate each other’s interests to keep the spice going. A low key movie night can definitely bring two worlds together, while also providing the opportunity to snuggle with your boo. Not sure which flicks you should put on your Netflix queue or what DVDs to fetch from RedBox? Here are a few suggestions on nerd-friendly movies that you can enjoy together — even if you’re not super nerdy. 

1. The 40 Year Old Virgin.  Nerds are known for not getting laid and this movie puts a funny spin on the stereotype. Steve Carell makes you want to root for the adorkable Andy, who loves his action figures a little bit much. With references to comic books and video games, along with constant awkward confrontations with everyone around him, it’s hard not to love this 40-year-old virgin.

2. Ghostbusters.  Nothing beats a ‘80s throwback — especially this one. Ghostbusters is such a huge part of pop culture that you’re probably singing the theme song in your head right now. Photon lasers and ghosts flying all around Manhattan while all stars Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and crew fight to save the day will please everyone. Plus, who doesn’t love the Stay Puft marshmallow man? 

3. Star Wars (Episodes IV-VI).  The original three movies of the Star Wars saga will of course be included on this list. While it’s definitely a guy’s flick with the help of light sabers and fight scenes, there’s still romance between Leia and Han Solo for those looking for love. Be prepared with good snacks and a blanket on the couch because these films are at least two hours each. Don’t feel guilty about feeling a little sleepy; use it as a cuddle opp!

4. The Social Network.  Now let’s bring it back to the 21st century. Facebook is an integral part of our lives and this movie explores a dramatized version of its birth. Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Timberlake bring to life the masterminds behind the popular social networking website. This might not come off as a nerdy movie, but if the creation of websites and legal talk doesn’t get those geek wheels turning, what will?

5. Back to the Future.  Gun it to 88 and go back in time with this oldie but goodie! Time traveling Deloreans and Marty McFly having to find his way back home sounds like a crazy adventure, especially since his mom (who’s a teenager), has a crush on him. Awk! You won’t need roads when watching this fun flick; Back to the Future is one of those iconic films that you don’t even have to be a true blue nerd to enjoy!

Sometimes, a good movie choice is pretty obvious. But if none of these do it for you, looking up the Sci-Fi genre on Netflix will help in a pinch.

Have any suggestions that didn’t make the list? Share in a comment below.