The Best Workouts for Your Love Life

By Samantha Eng, Baby eFlirter

credit: lululemon athletica (Flickr)Before popping champagne and sequins became the staple of celebrating the incoming year ahead, the New Year’s resolution reigned supreme in participation. NBC estimated that one million people crammed into Times Square to count down to 2013, so it’s safe to say at least half of them made the number one decree before another year: to improve their diet and exercise! But before mindlessly jumping on a treadmill in pursuit of an instant slim fix, take into consideration how the following (fun!) workouts could improve your love life.


This ancient practice is known to balance mind, body and soul through breathing and meditation techniques. While some practices are specifically designed for relaxation, other techniques greatly improve balance, strength … and flexibility. Yoga can help your temple bend and move in entirely new ways, opening up limitless possibilities.

Long-Distance Running.

We’ve recently seen long-distance running become a trending hobby in online dating profiles. From 5K marathons to Tough Mudders, it’s not surprising to see a default picture from the New York City Marathon or a casual mention of training for the next whatever-K.

So what does LDR have to do with your love life? Well, an average distance runner has the endurance to run multiple miles at a steady pace without skipping a beat. Prior to his or her “burn out,” the meditative pace has proven to be euphoric. Opens up an array of training opportunities, no?

Weight Lifting.

Any good personal trainer will tell you that cardio should be complemented with a strength-training routine, so while you’re burning fat, you’re replacing it by building lean muscle. By incorporating push-ups, bench presses, squats, leg presses and pull-ups (just to name a few) into a normal training sesh, you’re guaranteeing your muscles are developed for any um, compromising situation.


Homer recounted wrestling during the Trojan War. Throughout history, wrestling has been a sport and in games, enjoyed by spectators of all different eras. These days, most high schools even have a wrestling team! If by chance your boyfriend — or you — are a former varsity wrestler, consider yourself lucky to have a head start in this for play foreplay.

Pole Dancing.

Our previous workout suggestions were coy, while pole dancing is anything but. This suggestive form of exercise became popular a few years ago, empowering men and women to strut their stuff. While a good workout, pole dancing tantalizes the senses and helps develop a strong sense of self and seduction.

In any case, love in 2013 just a (rapid) heartbeat away.

Which of your personal workouts improve your love life? Let us know!