Five Forms of Flirtationship

By: Samantha Eng, Copy Cutie

credit: tanjila (Flickr)As the chilly winter weather embraces us, most singles are making a mad dash to couple up with enough time to spare before Valentine’s Day, which is less than a month away. For those of us who may not be fair weather flings, we’ve evolved the in-between relationship. More than a friend, sweeter than a friend with benefits, we bring you the flirtationship — in all its forms — to help get you through the cold.

A Dash More Than Friends.

The age-old question: Can men and women be “just friends?” According to Men’s Health … probably not. The 44 pairs of college-age guy-girl friends polled in a University of Wisconsin Eau Claire study finds roughly 24 percent of men were more attracted to their friend, and 14 percent were interested in dating.

Should the “more than friends” territory be unchartered, this flirtationship usually segues into exploration. After all, everyone says they want to marry their best friend. Why not add a little spice to it?

Study Buddies.

Heads pressed together studying for exam, the study buddy flirtationship is the perfect algorithm. Finals + general interest = Study Hour Perfection. Here, the flirtationship takes on a quirky form, allowing a veil of numbers, marketing terms and/or psychology prose to mask an alternative agenda. But flirtation is the same, no matter how you add it up!

Cubicle Cuties.

He wears a suit, she squeezes into a pencil skirt, and all either of you can think about is “tie-ing” each other up. Your neighboring cubicle cutie flirtationship is just the off beat you need to get through the humdrum routine of the work day. And with customized coffee deliveries, coordinated lunch hours and yes, even small talk at the water cooler, this flirtationship makes power hour the 9-to-5 grind.

Digital Don or Donna.

It was once AOL proclaiming, “You’ve Got Mail!” that made our pulses race. Now, our digital Don or Donna’s chirps, chimes, winks and nudges are what snap us to attention in the digital age. Your flirtationship can be 140 characters or more, turning you into a new-age Pavlov dog. Take it from us, it can be Love at First Click, but after three exchanges each way, take it offline … or upgrade to the other four flirtationships.

The Silent Sweetheart.

But if all else fails to define a flirtationship, keep to the tried and true: the secret admirer. Origins unknown, romance defined, the secret admirer delivers anonymous flirtatious messages and/or gifts to their object of love (or lust) to win affections. Silent, but deadly effective.

Have a flirtationship for the ages? Tell us!