Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for the Single Gal in 2013

By: Samantha Eng, Baby eFlirter

credit: StuartMoreton (Flickr)Ladies, we’re only a few days into 2013. Hopefully your New Year’s Eve mini was full of sequins, your shoes matched your dress and those eyelash extensions went on (and came off) without a hitch. But if you’ve broken any resolutions in the last 48 hours, remember that you should really be trying to empower your single lady life! Here are the resolutions you should try and keep … and some things you should forget.

I will go to the gym every day.

This is probably mankind’s number one theme, and having a single status is more of a reason to keep to this New Year’s resolution. After all, if looks could kill. But a common mistake is setting a goal too far out of your reach. Flex those endurance muscles by moderately incorporating working out into your routine until you’ve reached your goal. Bikini season is less than 25 weeks away!

I will not shop until I get a new job and/or pay off my credit card debt

A commendable New Year’s resolution, but your shopaholic tendencies are probably the reason you’re in debt in the first place. Also, setting a goal based on something out of your hands (i.e. the hiring process) will only frustrate you more. Instead, turn this New Year’s ultimatum into a constructive New Year’s POA. Meet with a financial advisor, try a few nifty program like, which help you manage budgets and set goals to help pay off loans and credit card debt. Hint: Include a shopping budget into your plans. Don’t punish your fashion savvy during this depression. Instead of that BCBG silk shirt, shop smart and jump on the [TJ]Maxxinista bandwagon!

2013 is the year I’ll get engaged.

Let me start by saying anything is possible. Man has walked on the moon, invented toaster strudel and while he invented the phone, sometimes forgets how to use it (I kid — sort of). “Rushed Perfection” is not only the worst word combination, but is completely unrealistic as a mantra. Aim for “Simple Bliss” and take a load off those stilettos! Enjoy the ride and resolve to be open to love this New Year.

I will not harbor vacation days.

This is a resolution I’m going to enact personally. As independent, single working women we sometimes forget where the off button is. If you’re like me (or the average New York femme fatale), you have six different communication vehicles on you at all times. Your talk, text, or tweet is dedicated to your craft and you’re curled up with your iPhone by the glow of your MacBook at night.

Step away from the send button.

While my favorite getaway always includes a big hat, dark sunglasses, a bikini and sunscreen, yours could be as simple as the Elizabeth Arden Red Door down the block. Spa day!

NOTE: You are not allowed to take a day to clean, catch up on personal work, or run errands. That’s what Sundays are for, which leads me to the next resolution…

Even God rested on Sunday. So shall I.

Dedicate one day each or every other week to the most important person in your life: YOU. Single is momentary. You will find that person, and you should be sane when you do. Remember, YOU are forever. So take a breath and allow yourself some sanity. Whether it’s a Sunday morning yoga class like Laurie, cruising Fifth Ave. like Jess, having a second cup of David’s Tea like Krissy, or indulging in a mid-afternoon nap like me, on this day you’re allowed to do whatever it is that will keep you sane for 2013.

Have any New Year’s resolutions you should carry over (or forget) in 2013? Share with us!