Debate: Are We Killing The Kiss?

By Krissy Dolor, Jill of All Trades

As a lady, it's always imporant to note whether or guys are clean shaven, have some stubble, or are rocking a full-on beard before puckering up. After all, what if you have extra sensitive skin (like me!)? Facial burn from a crazy make-out sesh is not something you want to deal with, especially when winter temps are below freezing. 

In fact, Gillette just created a mini-documentary on whether kissing is on the decline due to stubble on men's faces (you know, because of the whole Movember craze that seems to last extra long, especially during the colder months). From celebrity stylists and authors to barbers and behavioral scientists, this film includes multiple opinions and insight worth watching. And with Valentine's Day right around the corner, what better way to start a discussion on kissing?

Watch the video below to see what they had to say, and join the discusion here.

 How about you — are you a fan of stubble or do you prefer the shaven look? Share with us below!