Behind the Scenes: Welcoming Authordom

By Laurie Davis, Founder

credit: Laurie Davis (Instagram)Moments ago, my book hits shelves and eReaders all over the country. And ... OMG! I’m more nervous for this than anything I’ve ever done before in my life — even my first kiss. I mean, in a way I guess I am kind of flirting with my readers; the proof is in the author profile Simon & Schuster had me write. (Hello, irony! Don’t I write other people’s profiles for a living?!)

Most of you have been a part of my eWorld since I started my business with just a $50 spot and a handful of tweets. You’ve encouraged my entrepreneurial journey and supported my mission of helping love go around in the cyberverse and beyond. And without that, I literally would not be here today, spreading love to the masses by penning my first book.

Hopefully, some of my advice has made your own heart pitter-patter. Over the last three weeks, I learned that our tenth client has tied the knot, another got engaged and two more have taken their profiles down because they met their eSweethearts. It reminds me the impact that even just a little bit of direction can have on an eDater. But if we’ve worked together before and you’re still single, this book is the perfect companion to help you support you in your digital dating life. You’ll literally have me in your back pocket. And if we have yet to get one-on-one, Love @ First Click: The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating will give you the essentials to get your eDating life on track. From what to say in a first email to your search strategy, avoiding digital dating burnout to transitioning offline, my book is THE guide you need to help you meet the most eligible eBachelors and eBachelorettes of the interwebs.  

Since you are such special supporters of mine, I wanted to make sure you had some pretty awesome support at your fingertips. So if you buy my book by this Sunday at midnight, send the receipt to (include code iBelieve in your email) and the eFlirt Expert staff will pick your profile pics and you’ll get exclusive access to my private video course, “Taking Online Dating Offline.” 

I’ll be heading out on a nine-city book tour in the coming months, so stay posted for dates. The first is below – I’m speaking at the Boston Public Library on Thursday. (What an honor!)

I know that love (or lust) is waiting for you, and I hope you believe in love at first click too. With my book in tow, it won’t take as long for the page to load as it did in the dial-up days, I promise.