Pick-up Lines Heard Around the World

By Kayla Lopez, Copy Cutie 

Pick up lines vary around the world.  Plenty are suave, many are funny, and a few are down right silly.  Despite what most daters might believe, this flux is due to the personality of the recipient.  People can have varying responses in different countries so if you’re looking to hook up overseas  read on.

Fun French
credit: Michael Fraley (Flickr)This French line is a witty way to separate a good-looking Parisian away from their friends. You can totally work the goofy angle with this kind of wit. There is nothing more attractive in France (or anywhere) than a humorous meet-cute.

Je trouve qu'il n'y a pas assez de fumee ici. Et si on sortait fumer une clope? 
Translation: There’s not enough smoke in this room. Let’s go outside to smoke. 

Charismatic Columbia
credit: kane_mr (Flickr)
Columbians are known for their uninhibited passion. Like a scene out of a novella, the intensity of a line like this has the potential to totally reel in your “audience”—here’s  a perfect, seductive example  After all, Colombians aren’t the only ones who find that raw emotion irresistible!

Amorcito, tu eres la mujer de mi vida.
Translation: My little love, you are the only woman in my world. 

Charming by China
credit: Angie 79 (Flickr)
Roughly 9,000 miles away, Chinese daters have unique tastes and turn-ons. A good compliment is the key to snagging a new Chinese paramour. Who doesn’t love to be charmed? Our pick was something sweet and straight to the point.

    Translation: Wow, I’ve never seen a girl as beautiful as you.

Confident Italians Coo
credit: Dave Kellam (Flickr)Italians are famous for their flirting and love to civettare—to make like an owl. It is a reference to an owl's ability to coo softly in order to attract its prey. Like an owl, Italian pick up lines are sweet nothings used to lure in an unsuspecting target.

Scusa...non ci siamo già visti prima?
Translation: Excuse me...have we met before?

No more unwanted lip service ladies and gents. Share your favorite pick up lines from your travels below!