Holiday Traditions To Look Forward To

Credit: Katerina Mag (Flickr)

Credit: Katerina Mag (Flickr)

By Amanda Rodriguez, Copy Cutie

With the holiday season picking up speed, there are many small details we all look forward to: the bright lights and decorations, the smell of Christmas trees, and of course, cuddling through the harsh weather. Every relationship is different, but here are a few holiday traditions that are sure to excite any new couple and make for some awesome memories! 

Decorating The Tree
I am a passionate believer in decorating a Christmas tree with someone you are seeing. It becomes a playful experience to share. Between getting tangled in the tree lights and picking out which ornaments make it on the tree, it can be a heartwarming experience for you both.

Listening To Holiday Music
Holiday music is always a cheery way to stay entertained! From the classics to “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer,” the holiday spirit will strike you. Whether it’s at a local bar or simply dancing around in the living room, you and your partner will be walking in a winter wonderland in no time. 

Ice Skating
While you can technically go ice-skating during any season of the year, there is nothing quite like ice-skating as snowflakes gently fall from the sky. It is a memory that etches itself into your memory and makes for an interesting date (even if you both aren’t strong skaters). What makes it fun is simply setting out on the rink and trying to catch your rhythm.

Hot Cocoa & Movies
Now, I know you might say that this can also happen anytime of year, but there is something especially endearing about sharing a blanket and some hot chocolate with someone you like. Sharing a couch with that special someone while watching How The Grinch Stole Christmas is an adorable way to make memories this holiday season! 

While there are hundreds of ways in which you and your budding love can create memories, here are a few small places to start. The holiday season is one of the few times of year where you can just engage in corny festivities and it’s all in good fun. Enjoy the holidays before they’re gone!

What other romantic holiday traditions do you have? Let us know in a comment!