How Important is That First Kiss? [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Krissy Dolor, Jill of All Trades/Certified eFlirter

There's always hype about the first kiss you share with someone. No matter what the circumstances, both parties want it to be magical, with all the figurative fireworks Disney fairytales and modern-day rom-coms have instilled in our brains. And the numbers don't lie: 59% of men and 69% of women report losing interest in someone they were attracted to after their first kiss. Eek!

With the big romance holiday of the year less than 24 hours away, it's imperative that every kiss — even if the lucky guy or gal you might be smooching tomorrow has already had the thrill of a sharing a first kiss with you — be as amazing as it can be. So whether or not you're looking forward to a first kiss with someone new or just want to brush up on your tonsil-hockey technique, read on for some more stats in the below infographic originally posted in eHarmony, and check out some key kiss tips everyone can use!

credit: eHarmony