Top 5: Stereotypes Guys Should Live Up To on a Date

By Paola Hernandez, Copy Cutie

credit: ~BostonBill~ (Flickr)First meet ups can be exciting as well as nerve-racking. When you get together with someone for the first time, there are certain things you expect to happen throughout the date. And secretly, there are some stereotypes that we ladies actually want to happen when we go out with our new beau. Here are some chivalrous things that guys can do to really impress a woman on a night out.

1. Mind the details.  Fellas, plan the date out. It shows you’re truly interested in making it an amazing night that will leave us wanting more. Take our listed interests into account when figuring out a location and activity. Don’t take the easy way out with dinner and a movie — think out of the box!

2. Door-to-door service.  Picking her up is one of the most chivalrous things a guy can do. But if this is a first date, make sure the two of you designate a specific meeting spot. If the date is earlier in the day, suggest picking her up near her office for happy hour. At the end of the date, offer to walk her to her car or train as long as she feels comfortable. Showing that you want her to get home safely indicates a genuine interest in her safety. Good way to earn major brownie points!

3. Open sesame.  It’s courteous to open all doors and let your date walk through first before using the entrance yourself. This act is one of the most basic skills of a true gentleman, so definitely use it! Going that extra mile will make your date see you in a different light, in a good way. This also applies when getting into a car or a cab. Open the door for her first before getting into the vehicle yourself.

4. Pick up the tab.  The person initiating and planning the date should pick up the bill for the evening. The guy who pays for everything could be considered old school but should do it anyway. If your date protests this, defuse the situation by telling her that if she wants, it can be her treat next time around (smooth way to indicate interest in seeing her again!). But this particular male dating stereotype can backfire if not done correctly. Stay suave and collected while paying with speed.

5. Stand close to the edge.  Walking close to the curb so your date doesn’t have to is an act that a lot of people forget about. This gesture gives a sense of protection because of the potential perils of close-driving cars. The chances of a car jumping onto the curb are slim, but it’s the thought that counts. But if she feels more comfortable walking curbside, don’t rock the boat. The last thing you want is for her to feel weird.

Chivalry has seemed to die over the years and is long overdue for a comeback. Men, you can follow just one of the tips or all five. As long as you’re genuine and consistent, your date will be happy in the long run.

What are some other male dating stereotypes that should play a role in the dating process? Share in a comment below.