Top 5: Signs Your Date is Going Well

By Dee Rene, Copy Cutie

credit: ambernambrose (Flickr)On every date there comes a point where you wonder how the day or night is really going. Is it a perfect 10, or should you send the “Save me!” text to your best friend for a quick exit? If you aren’t sure, here are five signs that your date is going well. Keep this checklist in your purse or pocket, folks!

1. No watch (or smartphone) checks.  As cheesy as it sounds, time really does fly when you’re on a great date. You know it’s going well if you never even thought twice to make a time check — or send an SOS text. Extra points if your guy or gal hasn’t looked at the clock yet, either.

2. Silence is NOT golden.  Occasional awkward silences are normal. However, a sure sign things are good is if those quiet times are at a minimum. If there’s a continuous (and comfortable) conversation filled with questions about your life and vice versa, along with genuine interest in what the other is saying, chances are your match is into you!

3. Take your time.  Did he or she request the check before your drink was even finished or did the billfold sit on the table for a while before it was paid? If your date isn’t rushing to get home and get as far away from you as possible, then chances are he or she is having a great time.

4. All smiles.  Seems simple, but if someone is smiling and laughing a lot, it’s a positive sign of a date going well. Some nights out with a new person can occasionally lead to you to believe your evening would’ve been more entertaining if you just watched paint dry. If you can’t stop grinning (and the actions are mutual), sounds like there might be another fun time out coming up. Which leads us to our next point…

5. Future plans.  Was another meetup planned before saying good-bye? If so, sounds like you’re on the road to a fun new relationship. Discussing plans or potential dating ideas while already out shows that this person truly enjoys your company, and wants to see where this relationship can go. Now keep the momentum up on another great date!

What are some other signs of a date going well? Share below!