Bro Basics: How Singles Use Technology to Date

By Kevin Murray, Suave Scribe

In the typical courtship process, the male is often the aggressor. If the guy doesn’t make the first move, the wooing process often stalls. But making that first move can be tough, not to mention that the longer you stay single the more wingmen you lose along the way: your pals get into relationships, mistake babies are had (I’ve seen my friends go through this), wedding bells ring, and before you know it you’re standing there like you’re playing a game of musical chairs with nowhere to sit. Though your single buddies leave you to carry the bachelor torch on your own, there are easy ways to navigate the dating sphere solo. Here’s an eFlirt Expert series brought to you by the first Suave Scribe on figuring out the online dating space on your own.

Credit: does a tremendous job with their infographics and dating studies. Their latest installment focuses on how technology impacts our dating lives. We’re all attached to our laptops and smartphones, making most of us hyper connected, which undeniably adds a new element to our relationships. Love it or hate it, technology is a huge component for a bachelor in the 21st century. Let’s take a look at what discovered — with a bro-slanted focus.          

More than 90 percent of singles agree it’s not OK to break up via text.  Guys, man up. If you’re going to end a relationship, have the balls to call her on the phone at least. Yes, this means the conversation might get dragged out and become more awkward, but in the end it shows respect for the relationship.

23 percent of all ages have shared a sexy photo they’ve received with others.  23 percent? Try 100 percent! Ladies, sorry to burst your bubble, but we’re sharing your photo with every one of our buddies sitting near us at the bar. If a man shares a naked pic of a girl he’s seeing to another guy, it’s only natural for that guy to then try and one-up him. It’s like a pissing contest, or a sexting ‘show and tell’, if you will.

Almost three-fourths of singles are on Facebook.  If you’re a bachelor and you’re not on this social media site, you’re missing out. If you’re interested in someone, you have all the pictures you need to see if there’s an attraction.

48 percent of single women research a date on Facebook before the first date vs. 38 percent of men. This is extremely common in the online dating world. Avoid this — it’s too much information about you too soon. Isn’t that what your online dating profile is for? Hold off on accepting a request until you’re both interested in a second date (or even beyond that point).

Facebook can also cause breakups.

Some reasons why women have made that call:

  • 48 percent: A wall post on someone else’s wall
  • 36 percent: A date’s pictures
  • 27 percent: Who their dating is adding as a friend

Guys, women are always checking your Facebook activity — especially if you just started seeing each other. If all of your new friends are single women, it sends signals to her that you could be seeing one (if not all) of them. While Facebook can be an asset to meeting someone, it can also be a hindrance to your budding relationship if you’re not careful.

How has technology affected your dating life? Let us know in a comment below!