Talk Is Cheap: Why Meeting Matches Sooner Is Better

By Pam Majumdar, Copy Cutie

credit: zigazou76 (Flickr)You meet someone you like online and start talking — great! But before you know it, you’re exchanged emails, or even phone calls, for a week or two (or more) … with no offline meet-up in sight. Uh-oh.

Unless all you want is a pen pal, you never want to stay online in the online dating world! Not only are you lessening the odds of finding the right person by giving so much attention to one prospect, you’re also missing out on the full dimensions of compatibility. There’s plenty of time for long conversations later — after you’ve qualified a prospect as a hot date. Here are three reasons to close that browser and set up an in-person meeting ASAP:

1. Physical attraction is a BIG part of genuine chemistry.  We all have friends to chat with for hours without end. Truth: we don’t date all of our friends! Yes, easy-flowing conversation is a big factor in long-term compatibility, but words by themselves contribute very little to that je-ne-sais-quoi factor needed in romance. You can’t talk yourself into feeling it, and the easiest (and quickest) way to gauge that lovin’ feeling is to meet offline … and see if sparks fly!

2. Words, shmords. You can't read someone’s personality through talk alone.  We’re not knocking the thoughtfully crafted email, which is an art in itself. But just as important as someone’s ability to keep you interested through words is the substance behind them. Maintaining eye contact, that cute crinkle when they smile — these are all things you just can’t get virtually. Body language speaks way louder than words!

3. Phone/email time can build a false sense of connection.  Engaging in meaningful convos is great, but when it’s all said and done, emails and phone calls do nothing to bring a real relationship forward. It’s all too easy, after all, to correspond with multiple prospects in a virtual medium, without committing a lot of time or effort into any. On the flip side, you may be disclosing in a bunch of personal stuff to someone you like, who might only be responding to be polite (or string you along) and doesn’t necessarily feel the same way.

Oh, the online world is tricky! Transitioning from virtual conversations into an offline date is what will turn a what-if contender into a real-life special someone!

What are your tips for getting offline? Share below!