Five Usernames to Avoid

By Dee Rene, Copy Cutie

credit: Picture Perfect Pose (flickr)You put so much time and effort into selecting your online username to put your best digital face forward — so you think, doesn’t everyone?

Well, we’ve all browsed through profiles and landed on a beautiful smile, only to be completely turned off by his or her choice of username. Does a username give you a glimpse into someone’s personality and thoughts? We think it’s safe to say that you can judge a profile by a username.

Although no one’s perfect and we all select some silly names at times, there are a few types to avoid. [Note: To the best of our knowledge, all names below are fictional!]

DaGr8tJ3$$.  Being creative is one thing; creating undecipherable hieroglyphics is another. For those that don’t speak teenager, that concoction of letters and numbers translates to Da (The) Gr8t (Great) J3$$ (Jess). This type of username should raise a red flag that you may be dealing with a very young (and possibly immature) dater!  

HottieCakesBarbie.  When browsing women’s profiles, there are certain words that would suggest you might be dealing with a woman of looser morals — “Hottie” and “Barbie” are the two biggest culprits. No one ready for a relationship is still referring to herself as a hottie or a plastic toy. Proceed with caution.

BigDaddyLongStroke.  Usernames with any sexual connotation are a huge and glaring no-no. If you are out looking for true love, you aren’t advertising your sexual prowess. Usernames that make you blush just a little are definitely worth avoiding.

BrokenHeartedLookingforLove91.  Typically most people wait until at least the second date to expose their emotional issues. Instead, this person has them right on the display screen. Keep scrolling down the list and breathe a sigh of relief that the baggage is loud and clear.

57PlayingforFun.  Unfortunately, not everyone who signs up for online dating is looking to make a lifetime connection! Some of those people even tell you that right in their username. If you want a serious relationship, avoid usernames that may show the person isn’t really that serious or may just be out to have a good time. Words like “cougar”, “player”, “pimp” or “flirty” are usually good signs that someone is just online for a less-than-serious commitment.

What other types of usernames scream red flags for you? Share with a comment below!