Why You Should Never Make an Online Date a Double (Date)

By Pam Majumdar, Associate Editor

credit: Viktor Hertz (flickr)Going on first meet-ups with someone you’ve met online can be exciting and nerve-racking at best (cue the romantic soundtrack) and cringingly dreadful at worst (hello, awkward silence!). A solution that seems perfect: double dates. There’s safety in numbers, right? We’re all for group dates and introducing prospects into our social circles, but in the case of online dating, it can actually complicate things. In short: it’s a DON’T.

Here are three big reasons to steer clear of coordinating online group meet-ups with a friend: 

‘Double date’ means all or nothing — for both couples.  Unless both you and your friend hit it off (or both don’t) with your respective dates, things will probably get sticky. You definitely don’t want to cut your friend’s amazing date short as you fidget and avoid eye contact with your non-dream guy/gal … and we’re sure you wouldn’t want that to happen if you’re the one with an amazing connection. Keep it simple and stick to a single equation.

Alone time.  Double dates are a good way to deepen a connection, not begin a relationship. Only alone time can tell you the real deal in terms of conversation flow and chemistry, and having another pair in the mix just adds a distracting (and potentially disastrous) element. Save a duo date for when you’re comfortable with your own guy or gal — and only have to worry about liking your friend’s other half.

Conflict of emotions.  So, what happens if one person ends up attracted to the other person’s date? Remember, this is just a meet-up of strangers, so there’s no established loyalty except between you and your friend. Put in the get-to-know-you time upfront and introduce friends later, after you already have a solid connection (and attraction) with your own online potential.

Bad dates are a given in the search for love, and there’s no good way to avoid them. Setting up a double date to proactively avoid awkwardness might be more trouble than it’s worth! 

Have you ever tried to plan a double date while online dating? Share in the comments below!