Helpful Hints Girls Give Guys When They're Ready to Leave

By Paola Hernandez, Copy Cutie

credit: Bohman (flickr)You’re out on the town with a beautiful woman you met online. The entire night, you feel a special connection and didn’t want it to end. All of a sudden as the evening is winding down, she mentions that she has to go. Of course, this throws you for a loop, but no one’s that rude to want to abruptly end the night. There might’ve been some subtle hints she dropped for you to get the picture. Here are a few tricks that women may use to give the vibe that the show’s over.

Jingle Bell Rock.  Keys can be used as an indicator that she’s ready to head home, alone. Whether she’s rocking a cute, little clutch or an oversized bag, her keys are in there. If the date is closer to where she lives, she’ll pull out her keys to give you the hint that she’s done for the night. This method is borderline Pavlov but it’s effective. The next time you hear your date jingle her keys around to the tune of her favorite song, make things short and sweet.

Fake it to Make it.  Technology has made it extremely easy for you to get out of any situation. With the existence of smartphones, anything is possible. (There are even apps that can get you out of a bad night!) Now, there could be an actual emergency that she has to tend to, but keep a keen ear for the conversation. If the responses come off forced, it’s possibly a fake call. Time to take the hint! One thing to remember is to not pry on the convo because the last thing you want to come off as being nosey.

Moving to a Different Beat.  If your date is fidgeting around way too much, she’s ready to go. One surefire way that you can tell if she’s having a good time is by how relaxed she is. Checking her phone, not being able to sit still, or avoiding direct eye contact—she’s mentally checked out from the date. Wrap the night up without showing any signs that it bothers you that she’s become disinterested.

Keeping these actions in mind will debunk the mystery of what happened at the end of the date. It’s important to pay closer attention towards the end of the date to see if she shows any signs of interest. Play it cool at the end of the night because it might cause her to second-guess her initial reaction. Don’t be hard on yourself because you pulled out all the stops. Just remember, it’s her loss, not yours!

What hints have you gotten that proved the date was over? Share in a comment below.