Dating at a Distance

By Dee Rene, Copy Cutie

credit: kalleboo (flickr)Dating someone with spaces (whether small or large) between you can be a challenge. How do you keep things spicy and new when you live in the same neighborhood? How do you keep the love going when you have an ocean between you? Here are some great ideas for dealing with any distance your relationship might be facing.

Only a few blocks…  When you’re both on a first-name basis with the local bartender, it's time to find something new to do. When distance is not a factor, your challenge for dating is to have an adventure together. Find a place that neither of you has been to and go there!

Within the same state…  A great option if you’re in the same state but in different cities is to plan a date around major festivals. Every state has a big event for food, holidays, or other traditions. You can have a unique rendezvous by going to that particular city and enjoying the local party. If it happens to be in your home city, you can also take your date for a quick stop at your favorite restaurant for conversation and one-on-one time. Your local paper is a great resource for these types of citywide events.

States away…  If you both need to get on a plane to be together, why not take a vacation in the process? If you have to fly, you can ease some of the pressure of “your place or mine” by meeting in a tourist city like New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, etc… These are all places that people visit to have a good time and explore. This way, neither one of you is under pressure to play host, and you can spend time getting to know a new city and each other.

Oceans apart…  Dating at this distance is compounded not just by the miles but the time zone differences as well. Sometimes you are a full 12 hours apart rather than just the 2 to 3 hours you would have with a date across the U.S. coast. Although you don’t have the benefit of spending actual time together all the time, you can still let your date experience an activity with you. Take a friend and make a quick video of you exploring a local park, rock climbing, creating a new meal…anything that you wish your date could enjoy with you. Send your date the video and catch up via e-mail or video chat to talk about the experience.

How do you date at a distance? Share with a comment below!