What Does It Mean When: Your Date Skips Dessert?

By Pam Majumdar, Associate Editor

You’re out on a second or third date. The waiter comes around with the dessert and coffee menu. You think the evening is going well so far — but your date just asked for the check...

Hey, we’re not ones to overanalyze. But does passing on dessert say something about your date? We polled some of our Twitter followers during our last Copy Cutie Cocktails meeting to get their take, and here’s what that dessert skipping might just indicate:


1. They’re really into you.  Sometimes a first or second date is so amazing that you want to skip the get-to-know-you and get straight to the good stuff. Even if your date quickly shoots down the idea of splitting a piece of cake, read how the evening went overall. It could just be that they’re ready to leave (if you know what we’re saying!).

@eFlirtKevin: Maybe it means they already have "dessert" waiting once alone in car

2. No dessert = no chemistry.  When someone is into you, he/she will typically do whatever possible to prolong the evening. But when someone is just dying to get out of there (and can't ask for the check fast enough!), cutting the meal short could be their less-than-subtle way of cluing you in.

@rharnedy: no, unless the restaurant has Tiramisu, then it won't work: either they don't like you or tiramisu, either way deal breaker

@Tartydiva: Not ordering dessert isn't as bad as not eating the homemade cupcakes you brought him. Not that I've had that experience...

3. It means NOTHING.  And sometimes, ice cream is just ice cream, right? It could be that your date doesn’t have a sweet tooth or is full from the meal. Unless he or she has been dropping hints that they’re more than ready to leave all evening, not ordering dessert might NOT be a big deal at all.

@Lin_Dolin: Dear L-rd, don't over analyze things. Some people may not want dessert on that particular day.

@tigerlily7a: That s/he doesn't want dessert? #dontreadin

Have you ever not ordered dessert? What did it mean? Share in the comments below!