Going from Point A to Point B: Who Pays?

By Paola Hernandez, Copy Cutie

credit: The U.S. National Archives (flickr)Spending quality time with your boo is essential, but getting there is the question — and WHO pays can make the question even stickier. With so many modes of transportation, planning is essential. Whether it’s a day trip to the beach or a weekend away at a lush B&B, coordination needs to be established before going your way. Save yourselves a massive headache by having a transportation game plan from the get-go.  Below are a few tips on deciphering who pays what before hitting the road.

On The Road Again.  Driving is a popular form of transportation, especially if the two of you are trying to escape for a day or the entire weekend. Going dutch for gas and/or tolls is the best solution when road-tripping. If you happen to fill up the tank, have the other person contribute for tolls if applicable, or even for munchies while the two of you drive into the sunset. Don’t push for the cash if they’re not quick to offer. The last thing you want to do is offend your S/O by making an issue of it. Discuss casually while planning your trip so that there’s a mutual understanding. No one likes an argument in the car while driving six hours to a ski resort!

Hailing a Cab.  Cabs are a pretty convenient way to get where you’re headed. When getting inside, discuss where the two of you are going. Going home together after an amazing night out? Split the fare. It only makes sense but if not, at least offer some tip money for the comfortable cab ride home. If the two of you happen to be going to two different places, have the first person give the other his or her share of the fare and the second person will pay the difference. Having the driver restart the meter will burn a bigger hole in your pocket than you thought.

Off the Rails.  Most major cities have a form of public transportation, which makes commuting hassle-free (unless you live in NYC on the weekends, but that’s another story). Find the train stop near your destination and meet outside of the station. Attempting to coordinate a rendezvous point within the train system can be difficult. Trains break down; it’s part of life. Give yourself an extra five to 10 minutes of commute time so your date won’t have to wait too long for your arrival. Make sure to double check with the transit system to see if there are any delays or construction issues.

While planning the activities for the time you spend with your significant other is important, getting to your destination resentment-free is vital. Clear communication regarding method of transportation and how the costs will be divided is crucial. It might be uncomfortable to discuss money, especially if the relationship is young, but it has to be done. Better to have that convo early than a fight later on!

How do you handle transportation for dates? Share with a comment below.