Top 5: Ways To Make a Good First Impression On a Date

By Kevin Murray, Suave Scribe

credit: Sharon Drummond (flickr)Plain and simple, we men all want our first dates to walk away from us thinking we’re God’s gift to women (wait, did I say that out loud?). Sure, that’s an extreme exaggeration, but we do want the ladies to think we’re awesome, especially if we want to see them again! What can you do to make sure your date daydreams about seeing you on date number two? Here are five ways to ensure your first impression is a memorable one.

Confidence.  Whether you’re male or female, confidence is sexy. Sitting across from someone on a first meet up who exudes this personality trait is a turn-on, and it’s the first quality most people notice. Self-assurance has a trickledown effect on everything a person does. It affects body language, demeanor, overall attitude, and sets the tone for everything you do — lack self-esteem and your date may quickly eliminate you from date two before the first is even over!

Conviction.  If you ask singles about the most important qualities they’re looking for, honesty and trust are tops on that list. Displaying conviction behind what you’re saying is a strong indicator of what kind of person you are. Having an opinion on a topic and standing behind your beliefs allow your date to trust what you’re saying. Good communication is key to any relationship — your date doesn’t have to agree with you, but if he or she gets the impression that they’ll always know where your head is at, it’s a reassuring feeling.

Positive Energy.  You don’t have to skip around like bro in the Gangnam Style video, but you do need to lace your confidence and conviction with an aura of positive energy. Think to yourself: what attracts you to someone you see across the bar? Besides attraction, the positive energy that someone exudes usually catches your eye and elicits a strong urge to get close to that person. Open body language, positive words, and smiling often all make your date feel comfortable and relaxed. Closed off and negative body language is a surefire way to ruin a first impression. We don’t want that!

Listen.  There’s nothing more annoying or disheartening than to be on a date with someone who doesn’t listen! You’ll quickly find out if you’re on a date with someone with poor communication skills if he or she turns every conversation point into something about them. A good way to avoid this is to ask your date lots of follow-up questions. You’ll show that you care about what they have to say, help you learn more about them, and, most importantly, that you’re listening!

Keep ‘Em Wanting More. Remember, a first date is really more like a first meet-up, especially if you met on an online dating site. Your ultimate goal is to test the face-to-face chemistry, learn a little about each other, and answer the question: “Do I want to see this person again?” And at the end of the date, you want to keep them wanting more! Don’t dive too deep into personal or emotional topics. And finally, if your date is showing signals that they’re open to a kiss, go for it! Keep it around 10 seconds — short and sweet is very important in the anatomy of a first kiss.

When you’ve had a great first date with someone, what did they do to make you so impressed? We want to hear about it!