How To End a Bad Date ASAP

By Pam Majumdar, Associate Editor

credit: music2work2 (flickr)When you see ads for online dating, there are always lots of glowing smiles, and yes, one out of every five relationships does start online. But just because dating is thriving on the interwebs doesn’t mean it’s any less a jungle than IRL (in real life). While you shouldn’t go in with low expectations, be prepared: you’re going to have your share of bad dates!

How do you know if you're on a bad date? Trust us, you'll know. It's up to you to make the call, but if you decide you want to escape to anywhere else (and as soon as possible!), here's how to pull the plug:

1. Wear your heart on your sleeve.  When you’re not feeling it, there’s no reason to grin and bear it. If you feel so uncomfortable that you’re contributing one-word responses to the convo or getting fidgety, that’s totally OK. Your date will (hopefully) get the hint as talk dies down to awkward, end-of-evening silence.

2. Be upfront — and stand your ground.  If step one doesn’t do the trick, you may have to be more verbal. We’re not saying you should outright address the (lack of) connection; no one likes to be rejected! But rather than fake an emergency, just thank your date for meeting and say goodbye. Some dates still won’t quit, and may try to accompany you to the train or to your car. Keep saying goodbye!

3. Forget your manners.  You’re not doing anyone any favors by staying on a horrible date. Rather than feel guilty about coming off as a bitch or a jerk, remember that every date — even bad ones — gets you and the date closer to finding the one. You’re just speeding up that process.


How do you end a bad date? Share in the comments below!