Four Tips to Break Out of the Online Dating Check Box

By Dee Rene, Copy Cutie

credit: Victor1558 (flickr)One hour and one hundred check boxes later your online dating profile is up and you’re ready to virtually mix and mingle. But after a few weeks (or months), you may find yourself stuck as the matches in your preferences begin to dry up and yield little to no results.

Well, it’s time to break out of those checkboxes!

Stepping outside of your comfort zone with your online dating profile may actually open up the door to a love you never would have expected. Here are four ways to get out of your digital dating rut:

1. Change Your Preferences.  Sure we all want tall, dark and handsome or a sexy girl-next-door, but perhaps you’re missing out on your perfect match because he or she doesn’t quite fit every single category. Try switching around your preferences in a match. While there are always certain values that you should never settle for, preferences shouldn’t be confused with nice-to-haves (like blonde hair). Sounds simple, but if you change your preferred race, height, or body build you’ll open the door to a great match that didn’t previously fit. Who doesn’t like having more options?

2. Expand Your Location.  Your ideal mate might live just outside your locale preferences. Although long-distance relationships can be difficult, they aren’t impossible — especially if you’re the type that thinks a suburb right outside what’s considered “the city” is too far (if it’s love, it’s not!). Take a step out of your city-wide comfort zone and expand your search to surrounding towns or states. You never know if Mister or Miss Perfect has been living only a few more miles away.

3. Shake Up Your Photo Album.  Everyone finds the best photos to put online. While it’s great to showcase your beauty, it’s also awesome to show off some personality. Take time to snap a few pics while out enjoying some of your favorite hobbies. Yes, even the sweaty photo of you after finishing your first 5K. It may not be the most flattering photo but you want matches to see all aspects of your life, even if they’re things that don’t leave you looking prom perfect. After all, your hobbies (and amazing accomplishments) are what make you, you!

4. Take Initiative.  Are you always waiting for someone to send you a message before expressing your interest? Instead, make a move yourself! Perhaps your perfect guy or gal is just as shy as you are. Be the one to email first if you think there could be a connection and see what happens from there. The only sure no is to the question that’s never asked. 


What other tips do you have for stepping outside your comfort zone with online dating? Let us know below!