Date Tips for Spring Fling Season

By Paola Hernandez, Copy Cutie

credit: El Frito (flickr)Spring has finally arrived and warmer temps are upon us. As we shed our layers of clothing and spend more time outside, it’s easy to find someone new … or find something fun to do with your latest online cutie. Whether you’re a seasoned dating pro or newly single, this time of year can be exciting for those looking for love or just a little fun. But before springing into action, here are a few tips to keep your game in check.

Hit the Streets.  If your neck of the woods is experiencing mild temps, go outside! Hanging in the right places and taking advantage of the spring breeze is a great way to see who’s around. Stroll around the neighborhood or hit up a café with alfresco seating. People are more relaxed when they’re not  worrying about their heavy down jacket holding them down. The person standing in line before you at the park’s pretzel stand might be your next date.

Ready to Mingle.  As the weather becomes favorable to leaving the house and your gloves behind, people are more sociable. One surefire way to meet someone besides venturing to a new venue is signing up for a site like Meetup. From speed dating to interest groups and everything in between, you’re sure to find a group that fits your lifestyle.

Dress To Impress.  Don’t forget about fashion! Updating your wardrobe to reflect the change of season is important when looking sharp for your night out on the town. Throw all your snow boots and cold weather accessories to the back of your closet and upgrade with lighter and brighter clothing. With emerald being the color of the moment, incorporate it into a button-down shirt for men or a gorgeous pair of pumps for the ladies. Have fun when coordinating your threads, since that’ll be the first thing your date will notice if you’re meeting for the first time offline.

Let Love Bloom.  One thing to keep in mind is to let the fling take its course. When you’re really smitten with someone, it’s easy to go overboard and want to make things official. Also, remember that some look at spring flings as a time killer before bikini season comes into full effect. Take everything day by day and enjoy yourselves by learning about each other — and seeing where the wind blows.

Have fun! Whether your relationship only lasts until Memorial Day weekend or ends up becoming a long-term love, make the best of it. You never know — your spring fling could blossom into a full-fledged summer romance.

What are your date tips for the spring fling season? Share below!